Monday, August 27, 2007


Now that Dave and I know that we are having a little man... I have been driving myself crazy wondering what said little man is going to look like. This kid could have any combination of features, let me explain...
Dave comes from a family where no two people really look alike. His parents have blue eyes and brown eyes, and are both short. His siblings all look TOTALLY different to me... some have BLACK hair and brown eyes, and some have blonde hair and blue eyes. Facial shapes and features are all different, except I think some of them have the same mouth. You know that if you were to mix a few families up really good and have a stranger place them all in the right household, they could get it mostly right. NOT DAVE'S FAMILY. Because there are 7 kids in his family, I can see how a couple of them kind of fit together, but any stranger would have a really hard time playing the matching game.
My family all looks alike except me! I have posted a few pictures for you so you can see what I am talking about. They ALL have DARK skin, and REALLY DARK hair. Most of my family has blue eyes, and a few have a mish-mash. Somehow, I popped out with BLONDE hair, and GREEN eyes. Here let me show you...

Yes, my hair is highlighted in this picture, but NOT MUCH.

The other thing I think that keeps me wondering the most, is how tall our children will be. Dave is 6'3'' but his parents are 5'6'' and 5'8''. He is BY FAR the tallest in his family. My family either has TALL people or SHORT people. My dad's line is really short, and although this picture doesn't show it, I am actually just barely taller than he is. My mom at her tallest was about 5'10'' which is definitely tall. She comes from a tall line, but I am still much taller than most of my cousins (boys and girls included). So, with three of the four lines feeding into Dave and I being short, what do you think is going to happen?

I am curious as to what you think baby Crockett will look like... this will definitely be a post that I will want to refer back to in a couple of years to see who was closest :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

It's a BOY!!! Dave and I couldn't be any more excited. When we went to the Doctor yesterday, little mister couldn't have been exposing himself anymore than he already was! That was the FIRST thing that we saw. The Doctor kind of chuckled and said, "sometimes it's hard to tell because their little "appendage" is small and doesn't poke out much, but your baby is WELL ENDOWED!" I layed there on the table embarrassed, but Dave was absolutely BEAMING! We wanted a boy first, and because of this fact, we had both prepared ourselves to hear "it's a girl", but we were wrong, and I was actually suprised. We are ecsatic! I will definitely keep you updated, and try to get some pictures up soon. The ultrasound pictures are really fuzzy, so I am not even going to try...

p.s. Blue is to celebrate our little man!
p.p.s. Most of you were correct in guessing boy... the voting results showed that 12 thought boy and 4 thought girl.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh Boy!! Or girl?!

Folks, Dave and I find out tomorrow what we are having!! I don't think I have been this excited in quite some time! Our Dr. appointment is at 4:30 and we were told to bring a tape so the doctor could record the ultrasound for us. I told Dave he was in charge of remembering to do that. He is SO cute about it; he had a nightmare a couple of weeks ago wherein he forgot to bring a tape... I thought it was adorable that it is so important to him. Hopefully this baby cooperates! If it's anything like Dave; it will be most helpful and obedient by giving us a good clear view of what it is. If it's anything like me, it will wave at the camera and then laugh itself silly after it pulls the cord to cover everything, and crosses it's legs just to be a stinker. We will keep you updated! I am sure most of my faithful blog readers (me, me, my sisters, my mom... sometimes.... me, me and me) will find out before I post about it, but for certain I will let EVERYONE know!

Friday, August 10, 2007

I have lived....

.... in A LOT of different places. I wasn't planning on posting a blog today, but I was looking at my sisters and she had all the places she had lived, and all in order. The way she posted made it seem like she has lived in a gazillion places, and while I have lived in seven different states, I have moved WAY more than 7 times and feel the desire to re-live every time I can remember packing up and moving out... here it goes:

1) Roanoke, Virginia (depending on that whole... when does a fetus really "have life" debate, I might or might not have lived here so this one doesn't really count)

2) Victoria, Texas - I was born here and we moved when I was 2.

3) Sebastapol, California - Here from 2-4 and this is where my precious little Katie sister was born.

4) Dillon, Montana RENTAL HOUSE - Here for less than a year... but I didn't turn 5 in this house :) Also, my chubby little brudda was born here.

5) Dillon, Montana OUR HOUSE - Here from 5-8. Handsome Ben was born here.

6) Vancouver, Washington - Here from 8-12. I remember our first night in the house was Halloween... I went as a hobo and I think it was rather fitting at that moment in time.

7) Boise, Idaho RENTAL HOUSE - Here from 12 - 13. NOT my favoriet house... but I made some great friends at the school in the district we were in.

8) Boise, Idaho OUR HOUSE - Here from 14- 18. This was BY FAR my favorite house to live in... I don't think I could say enough about this place. It was a HOME.

9) Provo, Utah - 18 years old. This was my freshman year of college in the Heritage Halls dorms.

10) Boise, Idaho - Back to my favorite home for the summer.

11) Provo, Utah - 19 years old and my sophomore year of college. I lived in the ghetto called Alpine Court.

12) Boise, Idaho - DIFFERENT RENTAL HOUSE for the summer. My family had to move out of our "home". This was a particularly rough summer for me, so I spent a lot of my time with my grandparents as well.

13) Provo, Utah - 20 years old living in Hampstead Condos... I loved living in Hampstead.

14) San Rafael, California - I lived with my sister for the summer. I really enjoyed being there, and now I know a lot of great places to go in San Fransisco, but I would NOT want to live there.

15) Provo, Utah - 21 years old and living in Casa Dea. I dated my hubby for the whole year while living here.

16) Boise, Idaho - Dave and I got married in Boise on May 5th, 2006 and we stayed in my bosses little missionary apartment above their garage (it was actually REALLY nice) for that summer.

17) Provo, Utah - 22-current. We now live in Wymount Apartments and have for about a year now. I know it probably sounds strange to hear this, but it is nice to actually settle down for a while (considering we have been her for one year). I got tired of moving every 8 and 4 months. We will be here for another two years.... and will move then. It will have been three years in Wymount, and then off again; I wonder if we will end up moving as much as my parents......

So there you have it, 17 moves, and 6.5 states (that Virginia thing is still debatable.)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I was "tagged" a long time ago by my friend Jessica Davis, and have been terrible about posting 7 things about myself. The reason for the delay was because I wanted to use some of the pictures that Dave and I have on our digital camera that we have not uploaded to our computer yet. I decided to quit slacking and do it anyway.

1) Every time we have to dress up for anything, my husband tries to match what I am wearing. He usually does this with his ties, but when it isn't a church event, he will match me with a colored shirt as well. I think it is adorable that he does this.

2) When I was in second grade, I once climbed to the very top of the bathroom stall and peered over into the stall next to me. There sat one of my classmates and it rather startled me. Now, I don't know why I was suprised to find someone in the stall next to me even though I knew it was the bathroom... I guess that is the logic of a 7 year old. I quickly hopped back down from the ceiling of the bathroom (I don't know how I got up there), and left as soon as possible. I was mortified that this girl was going to tell on me and that I would be in big trouble with the principle. I spent the next YEAR worrying about this. My fears of getting in trouble didn't go away until we MOVED STATES. She probably couldn't even remember the situation, and I thought for sure my elementary academic life was over. This is the deepest and longest I think I have truly worried about anything.

3) I have really terrible eyes. People try to tell me ALL THE TIME that they have worse eyes than I do, but I just sit back and smile knowing that their chances of having worse eyes than I do are one in a billion. For those of you that understand prescriptions.... mine is 20/1250. For those of you that don't, I will explain. 20/20 vision means that what your eyes see at 20 feet away, perfect eyes see the same. What my prescription means is that what perfect eyes see at 1,250 feet away, I see it the same at 20 feet away. I don't mind having bad eyes I guess, its not fun or anything, but it is bearable. I just have to wear contacts or glasses at ALL times except when I close my eyes to go to sleep. And just for the record... I do know of a few people (under the age of 60) with worse eyes :)

4) I used to play volleyball in high school, and on competitive club teams during the high school off season. I have been thinking about this lately because volleyball has come up in a few conversations, and I used it in my Relief Society lesson this last Sunday. I am ok telling you what I am going to tell you because I CAN'T PLAY AT ALL ANYMORE, so you don't have to believe me either. BUT.... I was the All-State MVP for largest high schools in Idaho in 2001. We also won the state tournament that year. I remember telling my mom after the final game had been played that I felt that I would never play competitive volleyball again. As it turned out, I had a sports ending surgery the following year while at BYU. It has been hard giving up something that I love, but I feel like I have learned something greater instead.

5) I am afraid of the "mother bear" inside of me. While growing up when my siblings and I would bicker and fight amongst ourselves, I would be right in the middle of it, and could be a naughty girl. However, if ANYONE else picked on ANYONE in our family, I would get ferociously protective. I fear that when I have precious little children of my own and anyone else even thinks a bad thought, I might come unglued. Now don't get me wrong, I DO want to be protective, I DON'T want to be "psycho crazy bully mom."

6) I have always wanted a black eye. I suppose I don't REALLY feel this way anymore, but for the longest time I thought it would be so cool to have a black eye. I didn't necessarily want to EARN a black eye, I just wanted it to appear one day :). I once had a volleyball accidently drop kicked in my face... the ball was drop kicked on purpose, but I wasn't hit on purpose. I came out of that without a scratch or even a bloody nose.

I think the is such a cute kid, and I feel really bad for him, but all the other pictures were kind of greusome. Something else about me too is, I would love a red-headed child. Chances of that are almost non-existent, but I still want one :)

7) My dad once asked me if I HAD to marry one person from high school, who it would be? I didn't have to think long about this, so I answered, "David Crockett.... but that will never happen, if I HAD to, I would marry him, but I don't think I would WANT to marry ANYONE from high school." That was before I really knew who my husband was. I knew he was a good guy then, but I didn't know just had deep in ran. I have never felt and still feel more lucky about anything in my life than my wonderful husband. It's a good thing Heavenly Father knows better than I do...

Ok... so now that I have done this, I will tag all the friends on my friend list... that number is supposed to be 7, but I don't have that many friends. So friends, Jenn, Joanna, Jillian, and Gina, "tag, you're it!"

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Worshipping the Porcelain Goddess

Help me please! This pregnancy thing has been hard and I can't seem to figure a few things out. I was deathly ill for the first 14 weeks of my pregnancy, and thought I was out of the woods at that point. Starting 14 weeks, I was feeling like I was on top of the world, I didn't throw up and I could do whatever I wanted (it's sad when your home gets to the point that all you WANT to do is clean it). So, thinking everything was downhill from there, you can imagine what an unpleasant suprise when I started throwing up again. I didn't really have any problems until this last week wherein I have thrown up three different days?! Do any of you know why, or what I can do to stop this?