Monday, September 20, 2010

I just struck GOLD!

I was at Michaels buying a skein of yarn when I decided to check out the second hand kids store in the same strip mall. I allow Carson to watch one movie a day and right now we are both tired of our selection.
I ducked into the the store just to glance at the movies to see if any Disney DVDs were available. I check every time I go (which isn't all that often) and all I have ever found is High School Musical. I know Disney DVDs are a hot item and fly off the shelves the minute they land there.
As it was, I sat on the floor with Drake in my lap right in front of the video floor to ceiling bookshelf. At first glance I thought I was seeing things wrong, and picked up what caught my attention to examine things properly. Here is what I found:

Snow White (in its original wrapping) - $5.99
Great Mouse Detective (in its original wrapping) - $5.99
Mary Poppins (in its original wrapping) - $5.99
Pinocchio (in its original wrapping) - $5.99
Up (in its original wrapping) - $3.99
Sleeping Beauty (the only one previously viewed) - $6.99

They all had multiple discs with the exception of UP. We don't have a Blu-Ray player but if we ever get one, we're all set. They also had fancy things written on them like, "Platinum Edition" or even better, "Diamond Edition"! I don't know what this means, but it has to be good right?!

As you can imagine, I snatched them all up and quickly called my hubby to tell him the good news, I was excited enough I was giggling...that is right...giggling. In fact, I might or might not still be giggling...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drake Turns 1!

Drake's Birthday was Tuesday and we celebrated with Hostess Cupcakes (Grandma Crockett will make a fun birthday cake for him when we are in town this weekend) and a few gifts. Neither of my boys have been huge cake fans. I am sure that will change someday, but for now, it's more about messes than anything else.

All three of my wonderful boys. I need more pictures like this...

Then we did gifts. We had a $5 dollar budget...we will be living like paupers for the next 40 years thanks to a moving, a new house, and a new car. Drake got, a couple of balls. He LOVES balls, in fact, that is his only word other than "mama" and "dada". He also got toothbrushes and a fun truck.

I don't know why we bought anything in the first place...immediately after "opening" his gifts, he went straight for the cup and played with it for quite a while. This picture cracks me up because he has managed to fit his entire face into a very average sized cup.
Drake also had a doctors appointment this week. I have learned that I really do love my doctor but feel that her nurses/assistants are incompetent. Every time I come away, I wonder about how/why they did something a certain way, I question their measurements, and just overall knowledge. Just yesterday they asked me if I had started potty training Drake; I found that odd. Allow me to demonstrate my doubts through stats:

9 month appt:

23 pounds 2 ounces
31 inches
19 inches (head circumference)

1 year appt:

24 pounds 12 ounces
31 inches
18.75 inches

WEIGHT: the past three months Drake has managed to gain weight AND thin out...hmmm. ( I say this because he clothes are all baggier and shorter by far than they were three months ago. And wouldn't you think I could tell if my baby put on two pounds and for how short (compared to me:) he is?? Also, the baby scale they weigh him in is TINY and he won't sit still. Yesterday he kept opening the cupboard that was behind the scale, and grabbing at the scale itself, pushing buttons, etc. The nurse finally got tired of trying and finally wrote down the weight she saw next. (If I had to guess though, I would say he IS somewhere around 25 pounds... I don't think it was THAT far off)

HEIGHT: like I mentioned above, Drake supposedly hasn't put on any height in the past 3 months. I could go on and on about why he seems taller to me but whatever.

HEAD: according to them, his head has shrunk...nuff said.

The stats aren't important to me except for fun/journal purposes. I wasn't even sure I should include them on this post since they don't seem accurate. Oh well; still fun I guess :)

In the past year with Drake, we have discovered:
-He is fairly mellow
-He will keep himself entertained MUCH better than Carson ever did
-He has an awesome belly laugh
-He is very affectionate and loves to snuggle
-Our home is incomplete without him
-We are lucky to be his parents