Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"I Smeared Him, Mommy!"

Bless his dear little soul! Carson is my hero.
He decided to join me while doing laundry in the spider cave, I mean basement. I was doing my thing while Carson was animatedly running back and forth with a big dust pan. You know the kind with the handle...he was pushing it like a broom. All of the sudden Carson chimes, "Look! A Spider, Mommy!". For anybody who knows me, this is a chilling statement. I can handle earwigs, snakes, cockroaches, etc. but when it comes to my eight-legged foe, I can hardly hold myself together.
I played it cool and suggested, "Why don't you smash it, Carson. Step on it really good. Smear him."
Carson then attempts to squish the thing as I see him miss time and time again while the spider runs across the floor...eek. It only lasted a moment longer when at last my little knight in shining armor saved me. His precious little foot went up and came down with a mighty stomp. That's when my little angel proclaimed, "I Smeared Him Mommy!"