Saturday, November 19, 2011


I'm assuming that's a verb... Nate let us come over one night to look into his cool telescope. We got to see Jupiter, the moon, and some other stars. It was fun for the kids.

The Lion King

Mel and I got to go see the Lion King on Wednesday. Mel was gorgeous and the show was great. We had a great time. Thanks to our wonderful babysitter Debbie Salt!

The highlight of the show for me was Rafiki. She was awesome.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Isn't this just the BEST time of year?! I want to have gratitude; always. In honor of Thanksgiving, I want to reflect on some of what I am grateful for. I would like to think that the list could go on, and on, but I am gonna stick with 100. I challenge you do to this too...

1. A loving Heavenly Father
2. His Son Jesus Christ
3. The gospel
4. My perfect husband
5. Sweet Carson
6. Spunky Drake
7. Innocent Brooks
8. Contacts and glasses
9. My home
10. My mini-van (NEVER thought I would say that...EVER)
11. My Vacuum
12. My bed
13. Hot showers
14. Food & feeding my family healthy things (grateful for the knowledge)
15. Trials
16. Sacrifice - I'm learning this one...thank you, children
17. Chapstick
18. Date night with my hubby
19. A good pair of walking shoes
20. Some wicked-awesome tenacity
21. My height
22. Good friends - I have had a few near and dear friends come into my life. Makes me realize I was really missing out when I didn't put the effort in to be a good friend to those when I was younger.
23. My sewing machine
24. My strollers
25. Food storage
26. Tupperware
27. Blogging - I love to express my feelings
28. Good conversations
29. Everyone who is smarter than I. I love learning from others
30. A good feather pillow
31. My cell phone...aka lifeline to my family
32. A garage to park in
33. Generous people
34. The ability to bear and rear children
35. Hairbands - big time
36. A good book
37. Humor - I LOVE to laugh
38. Beautiful music
39. Music that makes you want to dance
40. My family - all of them
41. My bathrobe. It's pink
42. Make-up. I am not addicted to it, but I really do need mascara.
43. Q-tips
44. New York & Company - FINALLY a store I KNOW I can by pants in that will be long enough and won't break the bank
45. My razor
46. My toothbrush
47. Fun Games - my favorite two being Pinochle and Guesstures. If you EVER want to play PLEEEEASE call me!
48. The YW in my ward - my current calling is with them
49. Visiting Teaching - I know, I am a dork
50. The nice animal control people
51. The shopping carts and know, the ones made to hold like 6 kids
52. My grandparents (I know this goes along with family, but they deserve an extra big shout-out)
53. Thermal curtains
54. Working air conditioning and heating
55. Those of you who read my blog - again, dorky, I know. It SERIOUSLY makes my day when I find out someone reads it though whom I didn't expect. I also love my "regulars". Writing for myself, but giving others insights into our lives is truly the best combination in my mind.
56. Grass - ours is currently being groomed. We seeded a couple of months ago. Can't wait to lay on it with the kiddos and look at the clouds.
57. Volleyball
58. My of my best friends
59. A musical husband - we love to "jam"
60. Hand sanitizer
61. Icecream - it's my go-to. Everything else I can pass up.
62. A strong body
63. My education
64. The shows Dave and I watch together (Bones, Mentalist, Leverage) it's really fun to hunker down and decompress with him after a long day.
65. POPCORN!!!!
66. Braces
65. Dove soap
66. Dave's "Astros" sweatshirt. I wear it ALLLLLL the time
67. Refrigerators
68. Rain
69. Holidays
70. Musicals - we are going to see the Lion King tonight!
71. Lilac bushes
72. Daylight/Sunlight - isn't it ironic that my birthday fall on the longest day of the year?? (as far as sunlight is concerned)
73. Clear night skies - on occasion, Dave and I will sneak out our bedroom window and lay on the roof that is over the garage and just gaze up into the sky...
74. periods. I do'
75. Love letters
76. BACK SCRATCHES!!!! - NOT back rubs
77. Toilet paper...and toilets for that matter
78. My scale - strange, I know
79. My teeth
80. Green eyes - not many people have them; it's kinda fun
81. My scriptures
82. All the parks around here
83. Water - clean water at my disposal - wow
84. Dave's job
85. My job - tiny as it is, I am grateful for it (I work for my mom like 3 hours a week)
86. My computer
87. Fingernail clippers
88. Opportunities to serve
89. Good memories - I have SOOOOOOO many stories to share
90. My wedding ring. I love it
91. Deodorant - I have the ability to be one STINKY girl
92. Trampolines
93. Sunglasses
94. Duct tape
95. Plastic wrap and aluminum foil
96. Garlic and onions - hhhhhhi! hhhhhhhhhhhow are yooooooooou?
97. Scrapbooks (my blog is included in this)
98. External hard drives
99. Sleeping babies - they are so beautiful and peaceful
100. The temple

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dogs & Scammer Udpates

I want to give a big shout out to those who helped give me ideas on my canine conquests. Here is what I have come up with:
1. I now walk a different route on my walk. I leave my street and cut across a nearby field over to the business area by by neighborhood. I feel substantially safer. There are a lot less cars too.
2. I will be carrying wasp spray. I have received that recommendation a couple of times now. It has the same effect as the mace spray but shoots a lot farther.
3. I am seriously contemplating carrying a "walking stick" aka golf club.

Shortly after returning back from Trick-or-Treating on Halloween we got a call from Geico. Thinking it was yet another sales call (we get like 5 a day), I didn't answer. They proceeded to leave a message, "Hello this is ??? from Geico. I am calling regarding such and such claim involving an unoccupied vehicle..."
"Hello! Hello!" I quickly picked up the phone. The nice lady and I had a long conversation about the "incident". Turns out the accuser did in fact write down my license plate number. I explained to her what had (or had not) happened. She gave her two cents saying it was odd the claim hadn't been called in until that day. And after much deliberation the claim was flagged and to be further investigated.
That night and the next day I made a gazillion phone calls to various insurance workers both with Geico and my own. Some people were helpful, some were not. I learned that Geico has filed a claim, and my own insurance has to file a separate one. I have kept my agent abreast of the situation and hope he is taking care of it (he already has the note left and a document I typed up immediately after the occurrence with every single objective thing I can remember). Regardless, I now sit and wait.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


This is not a preview for the new Avengers movie coming out. Carson enjoyed dressing up the most, and was very energetic about trick or treating. Drake was tired and could barely lift his pumpkin. Everybody had a lot of fun.