Monday, October 21, 2013

Abnormal EKG

I just got back from the doctor. In case you can't tell from the title, it wasn't a great visit. I have been dizzy lately. Not just your average dizzy, and not vertigo since I have quite a bit of experience with that. I am also really fatigued, sleep a lot more than normal and am still beat, have a really low heart rate (like 36.  60 is as high as I am getting), can't focus (not distracted - literally can't seem to bring things into focus), and have a headache. All the time.
I have already been to the eye doctor to rule that out. I am not going blind...yet.
After getting fed up with they way that I feel, I called the doc this morning. In the appointment just now she was a bit perplexed and said, "you are not whiny person/patient. I think we should do an EKG because you if you say something is that off; it probably is". I felt grateful she was taking me that seriously, but freaked out at the same time.
I had 4 EKGs; they all came back abnormal. Scary. I know heart issues can range from very minor to...well, you know.
I will now go to a cardiologist and be monitored for 24 hours (I can take the monitor home). Time to figure out what is wrong. I am trying so hard not the think of the worst. All I want to do is take care of my four beautiful babies who depend so much on me. Extreme, I know. Ultimately, all is well though. I will update when I know what is wrong, but in the mean time just send a few prayers my way if you would please!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I guess I have reached my max

I thought three kids was a lot to handle. Turns out that for me,  four is the number that might kill me. I can't even take a full breath. Really, I shouldn't be sitting down to write this, there is sooooo much I need to get done, but I need therapy and for me, writing is just that.
So on to my stories:
Yesterday I was trying desperately to get a screaming baby down for a nap. It wasn't happening he was putting up the biggest fight yet. In between sessions of going into his room to try and calm him into sleep yet again I see Drake kind of meandering around downstairs. I asked him what was up to which he replied, "oh, just checking on Carson in the bathroom."
Coming from Drake, this could mean any number of things but I thought I should look into it. There Carson stood, looking in the mirror blotting a gushing wound with a wad of toilet paper. "Are you ok??" I questioned while assessing the situation.
"Yeah I'm fine."
I wasn't so sure. Just the day before Carson had smashed his finger outside between a stick and the pavement. He came inside to clean it up an ended up fainting on the kitchen floor.
"Well, lets get you taken care of," I urged.
I was overly "helpful" as I took Carson to the kitchen to clean he and the wound and get it dressed and bandaged. In the middle of it all the doorbell rings.
There stood my neighbor and her granddaughter. "Uh, Drake is stuck in a tree out back yelling for help. You might want to go get him."
I had no clue he was outside. If I had, I would have been listening through the screen door. As it was I was busy scrutinizing Carson for any signs of passing out.
I quickly rushed out back to see Drake stranded in our lilac bush holding a bucket of sand. The second I took it from him he shimmied out of the tree. It was like a monkey trap.
Meanwhile, Bowen is still screaming.
Fail number 437,912 - 3, and 4

Today, I was prepping potatoes for baking. I wanted them extra clean - I REALLY don't like getting a bit of grit on my otherwise delicious baked potato. Apparently I also wanted them to be extremely ventilated, otherwise I wouldn't have been stabbing them to death with so much vigor. In all my gusto I managed to put a fork into my left thumb.
It hurt a lot, but was really make my stomach church was that when I jerked away, the potato, fork and my thumb were all still stuck together.
I cleaned and dressed the wound as well as I could and hastily moved on.
It was later at dinner that I realized with all of the throbbing and swelling that I had actually stabbed clear the the fatty part of my thumb to the other side.
Yes, I am very sleep deprived.
Fail number 437,915

Its a good thing my husband is so stinking awesome. Not to mention my sweet little kiddos. Somehow I think we will all make it through this :).

(I guess I should mention that part of what is making life c.r.a.z.y right now is that on top of major adjustments with another baby, school, and life in general. Dave has started his MBA and was just called to be the Stake Executive Secretary. I thought we were busy with just the 3 boys...turns out I was very, very wrong :).