Friday, February 29, 2008

Tagged – Sorry I am stinkin' slow

I know I have been tagged a few time within the past couple of months. Once by Amber, once by Julie, and I think once by somebody else, but I am sorry I can’t remember. They have been various tags and I have actually done them all already, but I have always written about myself. SO, rather than do the specific tags, I will try and do 101 things about the two special boys in my life, Dave and Carson.

1. Carson looks like his daddy… lucky boy.
2. Dave is quite particular about his side-part, but only when it matters. He can have some pretty funky morning hair, but if it’s a Saturday or something casual, he is totally fine leaving it like that.
3. One of Dave’s ears sticks out further than his other ear…it’s adorable.
4. Carson is starting to lose his baby fuzz hair and get the “real stuff” underneath.
5. Dave grew an inch on his mission. He was taller than me in high school already, but I love that extra inch, it means I can wear whatever shoes I please and he will STILL be taller.
6.Artificial sweeteners and Dave don’t get along.
7.Carson can frown just like Dave… also adorable.
8. Dave is a FANTASTIC daddy. He has more patience than I do.
9. Dave has more integrity than anyone I have ever met. You can ALWAYS trust and depend on Dave.
10. Dave was seminary president.
11. Dave was our star high school quarterback.
12. Dave was prom king.
13. If Dave reads this, he is now embarrassed.
14. Carson has the cutest dimples ever.
15. I was Dave’s first everything! Including holding hands.
16. I pray that Carson will turn out just like his daddy.
17. Dave can sing really well, but will ALWAYS down play it.
18. Dave speaks Mandarin Chinese really well, but down plays this as well.
19. In case you can’t tell, Dave is humble.
20. Carson LOVES to eat… I keep wondering why he is so tiny??
21. Dave can stick out his tummy like a pregnant lady… you have probably seen someone do this before. They can also do the “wave” with their tummy, and suck it in really far too.
22. Carson has really long eyelashes.
23. Carson snorts when his nose has boogers. He can still breathe just fine, but the snorting cracks me up.
24. Like every baby, Carson LOVES his baths. Without fail though, he will pee at least twice before it’s over. We have learned to leave the water running so we can refill his little bathtub without having to adjust the water temp a million times each time this happens.
25. We call Carson our little elephant because he trumpets like one ALL THE TIME.
26. Unlike me, Dave only likes to be scratched some of the time. I will take any kind of scratching any where and it almost puts me into a relaxed comatose state. Dave only likes it sometimes, and for limited time at that. I forget this ALL THE TIME. Sorry Dave. He is always really patient about pulling away without being rude.
27. Believe it or not, Dave is not a very big eater.
28. Dave is GREAT about helping out with dishes. (and laundry)
29. Dave is a really good driver. I ALWAYS feel safe when he is driving.
30. In fact, Dave only drove about 20 miles an hour home from the hospital with Carson. It’s a good thing it was 1:00 a.m. Christmas morning.
31. Dave NEVER loses chapstick. He goes through tube after tube and hasn’t lost one yet! I have no idea how he does this because I don’t think I have ever held on to one the whole way through!
32. Dave is very particular about which pocket he keeps things in. He even has a cell phone print in most of his pants. The antenna even seems to always go the same direction.
33. Dave is a pretty good eater, but doesn’t like olives, mustard, or mushrooms.
34. Carson has a very sensitive tummy. Sometimes he is like trying to burp a cat.
35. Carson is a great little snuggle buddy.
36. Carson doesn’t sleep very well through the night. He is really alert most of the time. Our prayers have become petitions and pleas for just a few good hours of sleep.
37. Carson is so very sweet unless he is tired and or hungry. (He must be his momma’s baby)
38. When Carson gets mad, he will hit you. He has even knocked out my contact!
39. Dave writes me cute little poems each Valentines day.
40. Dave takes me to "Homecoming" every year. The only date we went on in high school was a girl ask guy dance. He is trying to make it up to me.
41. When I put clothes away, I always put the rounded part out so it looks nice, Dave always flips it the other way around….without fail :)
42. Dave never has anything to prove to anyone; he is content with who he is. I love this about him.
43. Dave is going into finance.
44. Dave is very studious and gets good grades. Dave is also very blessed because he always keeps his priorities straight, and let me tell ya’ he has A LOT on his plate.
45. Dave proposed to me by reenacting our first date. It was perfect!
46. Carson is one tough little guy. Pain doesn’t seem to bother him. Shots were no biggie.
47. Carson sleeps better in his carrier than in his crib…maybe we should put his carrier IN his crib at night!
48. Carson is starting to chew on his hands all the time.
49. Carson can kick REALLY hard. This can be really fun when we are changing diapers.
50. Our couch has never been so clean. It gets routinely washed after it gets spit-up on, and peed on.
51. Dave has never had braces.
52. Dave has a condition called “winging scapulas”. He doesn’t know that is what it is called, but I do! Because of this, he can crush a pop can between his shoulder blades. It still makes me cringe every time.
53. Dave is deaf in his right ear…what was that?
54. Dave has really flexible finger joints. He does this little trick where he will appear to put a lot of pressure on his joints and then bend all of his fingers back with great “force”. He can get them to crack most of the times he does it. The first time he did this in front of my mom, she screamed.
55. Carson is sleeping right now… go figure.
56. Carson has Dave’s hands.
57. Dave’s wedding ring is just a little bit too loose.
58. Dave did NOT pass out during childbirth, and he even watched. It didn’t even phase him which surprised me.
59. #58 surprised me because once when Dave went to give blood, he passed out when they pricked his finger.
60. Dave knows how to cook up Ramen Noodles in a fancy schmancy way. It’s amazing what a mission can teach you.
61. Dave served a mission for our church in Sydney Australia speaking Mandarin.
62. Dave is an ultimate peacemaker. I never have to worry about him during intramural games because he is NEVER hot headed. I have SEEN fights on the fields, and on the courts and they always make me sick. I am glad he always makes an effort to meet his opponents, treat them well, and never goad them in any way.
63. If you can picture how well behaved he is when he plays sports… you can only imagine how well he treats me.
64. Dave doesn’t like hearing about the boys I have dated. I try to make an effort not to talk about them much.
65. Carson has a fascination with white walls. Sometimes getting him to stare at one is the only way to calm him.
66. Carson pants when he gets excited, and right before he eats. SO CUTE!!
67. Dave is really good at ping-pong.
68. Dave carries a lunch box to school every day. It is a mini cooler type. It is white with a yellow handle and blue lid. He has put a label on the handle that reads Davy Crockett. This cracks me up.
69. Dave didn’t used to like the teasing about his name until one day in elementary school, there was an assembly where some older kids came and sang the Davy Crockett song. All the kids turned and laughed and had fun with it. Dave cried and then didn’t care any more.
70. Dave owns his very own Davy Crockett outfit. Rifle included. (Fake of course).
71. Carson loves it when we sing. It is another tool we use to put him asleep.
72. Carson has eaten 10 ounces in a number of feedings.
73. Dave and his friends Kevin and Nate used to make videos all growing up. We still sit and watch those videos sometime. If any of you ever want to borrow “Nate and Dave’s Greatest Hits” FEEL FREE!!!!!
74. The only reason that #15 applies with kissing is because the first girl he tried to kiss he MISSED!
75. I thought Dave was going to marry one of my roommates…so did everyone else for that matter.
76. I think Dave can have fun doing just about anything.
77. I vividly remember Dave putting on an old drill team outfit sometime during high school. It was in my house and he and some friends we over just hanging out. All of the sudden he pranced out of my house into the back yard where we all were at the time (except him), to show us his moves.
78. Let’s see if I can get this right… Dave has broken his collar bone once and his wrist twice. He has also had two concussions.
79. Dave drove a white mini-van in high school he affectionately called “The Box”.
80. Dave really likes Pop-Tarts.
81. Dave is the youngest of seven kids… and BY FAR the tallest.
82. Dave is really hard to embarrass.
83. Dave is really animated… a good game of charades with him is ALWAYS fun.
84. Carson seems to have picked up on this animation. He too has some GREAT faces.
85. Carson is never just wet, he always has a poopy diaper too.
86. Dave is really good at popping people’s backs. If you ever want your back popped, come find him. Don’t worry, he is safe! Never any twisting involved.
87. I think Carson is a beautiful baby.
88. The only thing that can anger Dave is when someone mistreats me. I am not exaggerating. It’s the only time hr gets “fired up”, and I only find this out later when he tells me.
89. Dave wants to write a book someday.
90. Dave LOVES people and will never say anything bad about anyone.
91. Carson’s clogged tear ducts are finally clearing up. It took some TLC and antibiotic ointment, but we are getting somewhere.
92. Dave wears my clothes a lot of the time. I shouldn’t tell you that he fits into them, but he does. Sad for me.
93. Carson sometimes laughs while he is nursing… I really think he likes eating THAT much.
94. All four of Dave’s grandparents are dead. All four of mine are still alive; I count myself lucky. Dave likes having grandparents again.
95. Dave prefers cats to dogs… still can’t figure this one out.
96. Dave is “all business” when conducting in sacrament meeting. It cracks me up because if that was the only time you saw him you would think he was totally serious. When in fact, this is one of few times that he is.
97. Dave LOVES to scare people. He used to do this to me all the time until once it made me almost fall down the stairs. Now, he is so careful not to scare me that he will call out when he is coming from the opposite room since I jump when he is there and I didn’t hear him coming. He laughs at this all the time.
98. Carson is such a special spirit. Because of the way everything happened. I KNOW he was meant to join our family on Christmas Eve 2007.
109. Dave competed in the Mr. CHS pageant in high school and won Mr. Congeniality. Go Figure :).
100. Dave loves Carson.
101. Carson loves Dave.

Bonus* In high school Dave sang a song to the girl he liked. It was during this big karaoke thing in the auditorium during a little party where we combined four classes. Lots of people got up to sing, but not by themselves. Dave got up on stage, did the whole thing in his falsetto voice, and even pointed to her. I was sitting right behind her and wanted it to be me so bad!! Now every time I hear "Oh What a Night" I think of him up on stage singing his heart out for good old Jennifer Price... jealous... no... who said anything about being jealous? ;)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Police Statement

Since my blog is kind of like my journal, I figured I should share something that happened to Carson and I a couple of weeks ago at work. All of the men in my office (I am the only girl that works here) had gone to lunch when a strange and creepy man showed up. He was obviously living out of his car, and was clearly not himself. After a long and frightening series of events, I ended up calling 9-1-1. I was afraid for my safetfy since he had tried to get into my office which I had locked after he came back the second time and knew I was alone.
They dispatcher insisted I stay on the line with her until the police showed up and could make sure I was safe. Well, one officer showed up, then another, and then another. I had a parking lot full of cops. This man ended up being taken to jail but was so high that mid-trip, they ended up having to rush him to the hospital instead as he was having severe overdose reactions to all the drugs in his system. Not to worry, I am safe :)
Following is the statement I had to submit to the police. I tried to make it as unemotional and non-dramatic as possible. I figured they wanted something clear cut and straight forward as opposed to the nervous ramblings of a terrified new mother. So although I pretend like I was composed the whole way through, I would be lying to you to tell you that my heart was beating out of my chest and I was literally sweating by the time it was over....

Here it goes:

"I was sitting at my desk alone at the office when a man in a red Chevrolet pulled into the parking lot right outside my front window. He didn’t appear to have any clothes on and engaged in what seemed to be a lively conversation. He proceeded to continue this conversation while rummaging through the front and back of his car. In the meantime, he managed to dress himself in a red shirt and hat. I had also realized that there was no person in his car that he was talking to; just himself and that while he was in his car that it was full of necessities which would indicate he was living out of it. I had assumed he simply pulled into our parking lot as a pit-stop. He then opened his car door and got out to finish pulling up his overalls and adjust his clothing. He then got back in his car and proceeded to rummage some more. This all took place over approximately ten minutes. After a while, he got out of his car. He appeared to be quite unbalanced as I watched him stumble away from his vehicle and toward our office building. When he approached our building I became nervous because there was clearly something wrong, and I was all by myself. He walked into the entry way and remained there for about a minute before he entered the attorney’s offices adjacent to ours. At this point I quickly went to the back/adjoining door to lock it. Then I came around front and locked our office door. At this same time, he exited the attorney’s offices and went back out to his car. He got back into his car and proceeded to rummage through it for another few minutes. He then got out of his car and entered the attorney’s offices a second time. I could hear him walk around and then leave once again. At this time, he went to his car and rummaged for yet another ten minutes or so. Sometime in the middle of when this was happening, another office member (Larry) showed up to retrieve his cell phone. He watched this man’s behavior with me from our office window and suggested I call the police. I decided against it, and shortly thereafter the man started his car and sped out of the parking lot. He drove rather aggressively and erratically. When the man left, Larry did as well leaving me alone once again. Between five and ten minutes later, the man in the red Chevy pulled back into the parking lot. At this point I was very nervous and called 911 right away. He had seen me alone in the office (when I had locked the front door), and he clearly was under the influence of something. I watched him while I was on the phone with the dispatcher and he simply continued to rummage and re-arrange his car until the police showed up."

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I just wanted to do a quick post to update you on Carson. Yesterday was his 2 month doctor appointment. There is some good and some bad news. He is weighing in at 14 and a half pounds, and is just a little under 25 inches long. He is in the 94th percentile for both height and weight. Basically he is just plain BIG.
Bad news is, the hole underneath his belly button hasn't closed like a normal belly button should, and instead has developed into a hernia. It looks like he has a marble under his skin. The dr. said this should heal itself... I sure hope so. Also, his clogged tear ducts are stubborn and we can't get them to clear up, so now I have to put that nasty ointment on them that they put on them the second they come out. Poor kid.
We sure love him!! p.s. thanks again mom for the help this week.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blessing Day

Carson was blessed a couple of weeks ago. We were honored to have our families (including Dave's sister Becky who also just had a baby) come down for the occasion. The blessing was beautiful and I will post more details about it later but for now, all I have are pictures. Hopefully I can post the details sooner than later. It is tax season, and we are super busy here in the office. I am still working full time, and being a mother full time... if this isn't difficult, I don't know what is.
In case you don't remember, this outfit that Carson is wearing is the same that Dave wore when he was blessed. It is one that I wouldn't have chosen out myself (after all, it is 24 years old), but I thought it was really neat to put our little boy in those special little clothes.
Here is our happy little family once again. I feel so blessed, I know Heavenly Father is really looking out for us.
My mom is the one of the left, Dave's is the one on the right. (We missed you Grandma Gabrielsen and Fager)!
Here are all the men in our family, minus Kevin (Becky's husband) who helped out with the blessing. From left to right, Richard (my sister Jenn's husband), Dave's dad, Carson, Dave, and my dad.
Just for the record, Carson was perfect during the blessing. He was awake the whole time but didn't make a sound.
p.s. our chunk-a-lunk is tipping the scales at 13 pounds