Sunday, May 31, 2009


I confess, I don't really know what to title this blog, or say this week. Life is good. I guess I will post a few things that I have discovered about myself in the past month:
- I am not NEARLY as patient as I would like to be.
- Friends do my heart good. Old and new friends alike mean a lot to me.
- I love a cleaning schedule...and I love to clean.
- I am much less sporadic than I used to be.
- I read like a book...there isn't much mystery when it comes to my feelings and I can't hide them very well.
- I HATE gaining weight, even for pregnancy. And, with that said... I eat too much :)
- My husband is incredible and I don't deserve him.
- I love beautiful music.
- I like to teach. (Even if its just my new CTR 6 class)
- Moderation in ALL things.
- I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE having a dishwasher and washer/dryer.
- I enjoy using a breadmaker.
- I like a good hard bed.
- I talk too much :).
- I LOOOOOOOOOVE my little family and am extremely excited for baby 2.
- The church is true. I know, duh, but it just feels so good everywhere you go.
- Boise OBGYNs are WAY more expensive than Provo ones.
- Someday I will have a garden.
It all goes on and on, but it's been fun being introspective during this transition in our lives. I think the biggest truth I learn over and over again is that I need to be better. There is always room to improve and there are so many possibilities; it's exciting.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Carson Update

It's been a while since I have told you what all has gone on with our little man. I think the best way to sum it up would be... a lot.
  • Carson is a BIG talker. He even says three syllable words like Applesauce and Basketball. He puts two and three words together often and will try to imitate whatever we say.
  • He LOVES LOVES LOVES his daddy. Sure, mommy is alright but Daddy is wonderful. Carson will cry like Dave is dead when he leaves and will repeatedly say "daddy" throughout the day till he gets home. If I leave, he simply says "bye, mommy"
  • Carson loves basketballs and footballs. He takes after both his mom and dad on this one.
  • Carson is learning to run. He started crawling at about 11 months, walking at 13 months, and is finally trying to gain some speed.
  • He LOVES the water (wa-doh) and baths. He also loves to brush his teeth regularly.
  • Carson is a great snuggler and kisser. We hope this lasts until he is 8 and then disappears until he is married.
  • He LOOOOOOOOOVES Juice. But also enjoys a glass of muck.
  • He officially wears size 3T clothes and can even fit some 4T. That also means size 6 diapers.
  • Carson still has his adorable dimples and is a charmer.
  • Last but not least, HE WILL BE IN NURSERY IN ONE MONTH!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

23 weeks 6 days

Sorry about the super close-up. It's the only way we could get a picture that wasn't super dark. Either way, my belly isn't that much bigger that a few weeks ago anyway. Just thought I would post this for documentation purposes.
About 21 weeks
About 16 weeks

Pregnancy is going well. I am feeling good, just tired. I forgot to take a Unisom about a week ago, and realized the next day, that I was totally fine. Hallelujah! I did that with Carson and threw my french toast up in Nicole Kellers toilet. Sorry... again. The baby moves a lot which is always so fun. He's a big boy. I predict if I have him just before 37 weeks like I did Carson (not that I am expecting to), that he would be between 8 and 9 pounds. I guess we will see!


This Kid is growing up WAY too fast! He's already shaving! Just yesterday (or so it seemed) he was TERRIFIED of the razor, now there isn't a place we can hide it that he won't find it!

And just for good measure :)

New Apartment

I just LOVE having a little more space. And, I think the only person that might love it even more than I do is Carson. Sometimes he runs from one room and throws himself down on the carpet in the next just because he can. In Wymount he would have hit a wall or suffered some serious concussion or something like that. The apartment is everything I would have hoped for and more. In fact, we even have a MANTLE! We took more pictures, but this was the only one that really turned out. Thank you Hawkes, for the awesome clock! No more mile hikes to get to the garbage, the laundromat, or the mail. I'm probably going to get fat...actually, I am well on my way :). We love being here around family (lots on both sides) and experiencing new adventures. Now, if you would come visit us, THEN everything would be complete :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Two Second Update

Hello All! We miss all our friends in Utah. It's never fun leaving the people you love. We have made a successful transition into our new apartment here in Boise. The trip was faster than we anticipated and so the Elders Quorum wasn't ready for us and the Relief Society moved us in instead. No Joke.
The apartment is WONDERFUL! I LOVE having a bigger place! Our ward has a few familiar faces and that is nice too. I always like meeting new people though.
Carson is adjusting alright. It could have been better and also could have been worse.
Dave started his temporary job today. We are SO grateful for this little position.
I found a couple great little places to walk, and feel like I have doubled in size in the past couple of days, so this is a very good thing!
We don't have the Internet yet (in fact, I am typing this at a Bruneel Tire store while a slow leak in our tire is being fixed), but as soon as we do, we will put some pictures up and get in better touch with you. Take care and keep in touch!