Friday, June 28, 2013

I marked my territory

I think this post may be a testament of my complete lack of dignity. It flew out the window the moment I had kids. While I should be thoroughly embarrassed (and somehow I'm not) by this story, it is one I hope my kids can read and laugh at. Even if they don't - I will.
And so it begins...
On our recent vacation to visit family in Idaho and Utah, Dave and I capitalized on having willing babysitters. My parents watched our boys while we attended the temple together. It was wonderful. We even got to take Ben (my youngest brother) with us. The session was relatively small and was a delightful experience.
Before starting, I quickly used the restroom. (And I thought my bladder was shot after one baby, was sure two had maxed it out, and after three was certain it couldn't get any worse....wrong!). When I stepped into the bathroom I slipped on the floor. I didn't actually fall, but my slip was a big one. I looked around to see if anyone else was having the same kind of problems and that the floors were to blame. It didn't appear so. I continued on my way and through the next couple of hours.
When it was all over, Dave and I walked out arm in arm together, and down the big staircase where we would split and go to our respective locker rooms. The staircase was very wide with many steps but they were quite shallow; just a few inches each. On the third from the bottom step the carpet turned to ice. I didn't misstep, I didn't trip, I didn't do anything I hadn't done on the previous 20, but somehow my feet had absolutely gone out from under me. Try as I may, I could not get my footing, and down I went. Dave bore the majority of my weight (poor soul!!), alas, I landed square on my bum at the bottom of the stairs. It was a soft landing, nothing hurt but that didn't seem to matter to the poor temple worker standing nearby.
"OOOOOOHHHHH! Are you hurt?!?!?!? I think you broke your leg! It looks like your broke it! OH OH OH are you ok?!?!?"
No matter how many times I tried to explain to the woman that I was 100% a-ok, she was not convinced. Apparently one of my legs looked awkward, but I think it was the way my dress draped it more than anything. It continued...
"OOOOHHH you poor soul! Are you SURE you are ok??? Do you need anything? Are you ok??"
Yes, it got old.
At this point I didn't know what to do - this lady needed serious convincing. I didn't dare tell her I was 33 weeks pregnant, that would have been a bad idea and with my dress you really couldn't tell. So I did what any normal (crazy) person would do, I hopped up and took a bow. Then I booked it for the locker room. It wasn't because I was embarrassed. It wasn't because I was hurt. It wasn't because the baby was hurt (remember my knight in shining armor who caught most of my fall). It was solely because I had peed on the carpet. Yes, you read that right. Landing square on my bum was enough to burst the dam. I hiccuped and peed the other day - this circumstance was doomsday. It wasn't a big spot, but that was the carpet... I was another story.
With the slipping and falling, all I could conclude was that my slippers were too "dirty" and needed a good washing. I have had the thought wash them for the past 6 months now but kept forgetting. When I got back to my parents house I washed everything I was wearing....but forgot to throw in the slippers.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

XY Chromosomes at their finest

Ok, so family photos aren't really our forte, but when you've got a family this cute, who cares! I love my boys!

Father's Day

Wait, what?! It's not Father's Day yet? Ok, ok I know, but we wanted to celebrate this Sunday because of our schedules and frankly, maybe we will celebrate next Sunday as well. The man of the house is definitely worth celebrating more than once.
I am so proud of the man I married. I know he has a couple of "weaknesses" here and there, but I still find him absolutely perfect. There is no better man to teach and love our children. Dave is an incredible (for lack of better words...they simply don't exist) father. His heart is pure gold. He is one of "those" people who does the right things for the right reasons. He is never selfish, he is never proud, he loves his Heavenly Father and he has charity.
He is a sparkling example to our children. Sometimes I get intimidated and a bit overwhelmed thinking of raising four boys in this horrible world. Then I remember who my partner is, and even further, who he gets all of his strength from, and I know there is no better chance in the world to have success as an eternal family.
Dave is fun. He plays with our children, and not just when it's convenient. They KNOW he loves them. He is patient and wise. He is gentle and kind. He is spontaneous and playful. He is athletic and musical. He is dedicated and loyal. I could honestly go on and on and you would think it's impossible for someone to have every good trait known to man, but I assure it, it is not.
Dave snapped a couple of pictures this morning with the timer on our camera, I will post them first chance I get. My boys are all just so adorable!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Worst Moment To Date

Dave was at the temple tonight and I was enjoying a late dinner with the boys after playing outside with our neighbors and enjoying the ideal weather. Everyone was relaxed and for a small perfect moment, nobody was fighting, and everyone was eating. That was when the retching started. I looked up to find Carson unable to breathe, throw-up, or swallow. I immediately grabbed the container in front of me hoping he would vomit in it and relieve the problem.
"Are you choking?" I blurted out.
He gave me a quick nod. It seemed dire. He was panicked and silently sobbing. I felt the same but knew I had to keep it together.
"Do I need to call 911?"
He shook his head.
I started thumping pretty hard on his back. Carson did. not. like. that. He made it clear he wanted me to stop, but frankly, I would have cracked a rib or two if it would have made the difference between losing him or not.
It was an intense 30 seconds or so. Nothing seemed to be moving in or out, up or down. I don't know what made the difference or how it became dislodged but  finally, Carson started to cough and cry. I loved hearing his cry as a baby, but that was nothing compared to this. He was scared, but he was ok.
"What happened?" I asked Carson while I practically hugged him into another choking session.
"I tried to swallow a grape without chewing it," he told me.
I don't even know why I asked, I didn't care what it was, how it happened, etc. I was just so grateful he was alive. 
 After a lot of hugging, and a quick discussion about how we were grateful Heavenly Father saved Carson we were back to our perfect evening except for the fact that I myself might have suffered permanent heart damage from the episode. Talk about a reality check. I hate that it sometimes takes situations like this to slap me across the face to remind me what really matters, but I love the renewed perspective and love that I feel. I am seriously, and so very blessed. I have the most amazing husband and children and especially tonight - I love my Carson. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Brooks Turns 2

Where has the time gone?? Time has steamrolled me and all of the sudden "the baby" is 2! As a testament to that, I should mention that we don't even call Brooks by his name most of the time, is is usually "the baby". I subbed Carson's primary class today and he even told a story about "my baby"...not the one in mommy's tummy.

Some things I want to remember about Brooks:
-The boy is nobody's puppet. If it matters to him; he WILL get his way.
- He doesn't have quite the vocabulary at 2 that the older two did. He is learning to talk though and some of his favorite phrases or words are:
"Woah-wuh" (Dora). He also loves to sing the song.
"Ah guck" (I'm stuck)
"Saw-sun" (Carson)
"Gake" (Drake)
"Buppy - Bears" (Puppy - Bears) - his stuffed animals
"Books" (Brooks)
- He is a momma's boy. My only one.
-He can count to ten and likes to sing the ABC's
- He is my pickiest eater by far
- He has all but his last 2-year-molar, and he has struggled cutting each and every one
- He has a cute, bouncy little run. It is more vertical than horizontal, and I love it!
- He loves to jump and can do so off of two feet and get air under each of them
- He is still very average in size. Maybe a little on the tall side, but still pretty thin
- He LOVES baths
- Some of his favorite things are: trains, "panes" (planes), and mimicking what everyone else is saying
- He picks on Drake. But he also loves Drake and loves to play with him
- He likes to go to bed on his own schedule. It is usually around 7 pm, and he will ask you to pick him up and tell you "nigh-night" meaning, I want to go to bed right now.

It's been a busy couple of years, but I don't really remember life without him. Brooks is definitely meant to be in our family and makes us all happy. We are so blessed.

More Camping Pics

I love what a good daddy Dave is. Truly, the best. The boys had the time of their lives simply because they were with Dave.

Me n' My Boys

I wouldn't be a mother without these three (almost 4) wonderful children. I keep having experiences lately that reaffirm how good my boys are and just how lucky I am. My children are truly amazing.

Strawberry Jam Date

Two and a half gallons of strawberry freezer jam!

Dave and I had a blast making this delicious jam. We were both sore the next day from all the crushing and stirring, but it was so worth it!