Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting to know Mel's husband.

This post is to help everyone become better acquainted with Mel's

Full Name:
David Alvin Crockett

David and Alvin are both family names, and are the middle names of our first two boys.


190 lbs
My challenge is to weigh more than Mel during her pregnancy. Last time she got within 3 lbs.

HS Diploma- Centennial High School 2002
Mel and I graduated in the same class. She was valedictorian... I wasn't.
BS Science- Marriott School of Management, BYU
Ahh the great memories of BYU.

Funniest face:
This one.

or this one.
Favorite Quote:
"It's possible...pig."

Biggest Secret:
My wife is a terminator.

I found her like this one morning while she was putting on her makeup.

Favorite "Thinking Song":
Lord of the Rings, "The Breaking of the Fellowship"

Favorite "Rock Out Song":
Boston, "More than a Feelin'"
Rush, "The Spirit of Radio"
* Please note these songs should be play with very loud volume.

Favorite "Shower Song":
Doobie Brothers, "Oh What a Night"

Favorite Childhood Cartoon:
Bobby's World
and Gargoyles

Favorite Blog:
Wild Frontier

Best Buddy:

Best Fictional Buddy:
Faramir from Lord of the Rings. That man has integrity and character.

Favorite Beautiful Eternal Companion:
You guessed it...
I hope this has helped everyone get to know me a little better. Mel's birthday was on Sunday, she is now 25 and is still so beautiful.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ladies, eat your heart out

Dave changes every diaper when he is home. Lucky me.

Carson's New Pajamas

Carson wasn't sure what to think at first...

...maybe it's because he was worried about spontaneously combusting.

Bestest Buddies

Carson LOVES his daddy. This picture was candid, NOT posed at all. They are two peas in a pod.