Sunday, October 7, 2012

...and then I burst into tears.

General Conference has been really wonderful this weekend. We've partied and listened hard, all Friday evening (in prep for conference), Saturday, and Sunday. The boys did beautifully listening and gathering candy as the "special words" were each said. My soul is full of joy, and my sweet little family and I have been spiritually fed.
What will stand out about this conference to go down in the history of the church, was the changing of missionary age requirements. I don't think I'll ever forget, but the boys can now serve at 18 years old and the girls at 19...
Instantaneously, I couldn't hold back the tears. I know this is inspired. It feels so right. I do not question it in the least. I know that much good will come of this. It is exhilarating news. But...I am sad that my boys will be gone sooner than I had planned. I feel like I am "losing" time with them, and that is a painful feeling. I cherish my time with these precious little men. Even though times are tough, I eat up every moment I am blessed with. Of course I want them to do the right thing, and especially by the Lord, but oh, how I will miss them.
I know, I know - I am totally jumping the gun here, and it's not like things will be that different. If they didn't go on missions right away, I would sure hope they would be going to college somewhere... just don't be surprised if I don't put them into kindergarten until they are 7 :).