Friday, August 26, 2011


Carson likes to sit down and read the scriptures. If he has the regular Book of Mormon, he will usually use biblical lingo while making up verse after verse. When reading the illustrated and abridged version his "reading" gets a little more...imaginative...cough cough.
We have been wanting to capture this for quite a while so tonight I finally whipped open the computer and typed while he talked. This was tonight's sampling:

"He knows how to teach the children. We didn’t know just what to do. We just love one another. The crucify man he thought he didn’t want some milk. He wanted bad guy water. He wanted the arrow. Would crucify Jesus. Jesus thought he would be really sad he didn’t know what to do He was just sitting on the cross. And he just knows what to do. The Lord, Jesus, He came crucified. The Lord, He gave the people some yummy coffee. He wanted some fruit snacks, not coffee. He wanted some milk. Because he wanted milk because it’s good for him. He wanted to see the Lord."

You can probably tell he was reading the illustrated copy by what he said. It is also laced with conversations we have been having lately. Carson is very intrigued by some of the things our neighbors do and we have tried to explain principles to him without getting ourselves in too much trouble. For example, our next door neighbor (male) wears earrings, has long hair, and drinks coffee. We have tried explaining that only mommy wears earrings and that it's best if boys don't have them. That goes for the long hair as well. We've also explained that coffee isn't good for us and we shouldn't drink it, but "O" (the neighbor), might not know better so we should be good examples.

Our neighbor across the street smokes. Carson will stand out on the front porch with his little belly thrust out, jam a finger up his nose, and stare across the street with that piercing gaze of his and yell, "Mommy!" (without breaking the stare) "Chris is smoking!! He shouldn't be smoking, mommy!" It is always painfully awkward.

On the flip side, Carson likes to know the nutritional benefit of whatever he may be consuming at the time. (The kid is smart!) Thus..."he wanted milk."

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Proud Parents

We think all of our kids are pretty special. Today we captured a few shots with Brooks. He is currently just under 2.5 months. We wanted to show his awesome hair that we get comments on quite a bit. I affectionately refer to it as "Kramer Hair".
A pair of good looking boys if I do say so myself!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Burying our swords...Literally

For FHE this last Monday we taught the boys about the Anti-Nephi-Lehites. At this stage our goal was to drive home the most basic lesson taken from the stop fighting. We then made paper swords and went in the backyard to bury them....

...the very next morning Carson retrieved the shovel and proceeded to "unbury" the swords. The usual chaos ensued...

at least we tried.

Love Hate Relationship

Drake has a hitting problem. HELP?! The other day he kept hitting Carson and while Carson was ok, he was tired and his feelings were hurt. He burst out in tears. After a combination of a gentle scolding and being surprised by Carson's reaction; Drake couldn't contain his own sorrow. I urged him give Carson a hug and apologize. He wrapped his little arms around Carson's waist, laid his head on his chest and just sobbed for a good few minutes. Carson graciously stood there while Drake soothed himself...I stifled laughter and grabbed the camera :).

Brooks' 2 Month Appointment

This kid is adorable! AND he has a slew of problems. Stink.

Height: 24''
Weight: 12 lbs 6 oz
Head: 16 1/4''

He has a pretty serious case of dry skin. He has some AWFUL baby acne...or so I thought until it wouldn't really go away. That is when I did a bit of investigating and had figured for myself it might be mild eczema. Turns out I was right. After talking with the doctor she looked at the few spots he had on his chest and told me I had it figured properly. I now need to step up from baby lotion to Hydrocortisone Cream.
The bigger problem is his head. He has what I call "Plate Tectonics" going on. One of the skull bones on the top of his head is "diving" under the mid suture line. He is pretty lopsided and the doctor didn't think anything of it at his 2 week appointment. "We'll take a look at it at 2 months" she said. "It should take care of itself". Sho' 'nuff it didn't. She wants me to do some little exercises with him and see if there is any improvement by his 4 months appointment. If there isn't she will refer us.
She thinks the reason he has this is because of how he was positioned in utero. All three of my boys have felt like they have been positioned the same to me. Drake came out with a lopsided head as well so the doctor is probably right. Drake's finally fixed itself entirely by about 18 months. Brooks also has a little Torticollis contributing to the problem. Either way, I hope we can fix this ourselves because to be perfectly frank, we don't have the money to take care of the problem but would have to because he is QUITE lopsided.
Otherwise, Brooks is happy and healthy. He continues to be a sweet baby and we love him dearly.