Friday, June 22, 2012

He's a Slippery One!

Carson has a piggy bank that we love to put money in. He earns it, finds it, gets it for birthdays, Easter, etc. Lest you think you are shoving money in Carson's direction; there is maybe five dollars in there. Maybe.
Drake found a penny in his pants pocket the other day, and this is the conversation I overheard he and Carson having.
"Hey Drake, want to play hide-and-go-seek?"
"OK. You go hide your penny and I'll try to find it!"
"OK!" I hear as Drake prepares to make a break for it to hide his precious penny.
"Alright Drake, why don't you hide it in my piggy bank; that way I'll never find it!"

Clever little booger!

Don't worry - I didn't let Carson con Drake out of his precious and only penny

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Record High

It has been BLISTERING here. We have been setting records in heat, and in amount of time in the little plastic pools. Fun, fun, fun!

Little Slugger

Carson is in a little 'Kicks and Hits' rec program. He is loving it and is the MVP in our unbiased opinions :). The t-ball is over, and soccer begins next week.

Little Brooks turns 1!

What a wonderful year it has been! I can't believe it has been that long already, I still remember (vividly) our time in the hospital and bringing you home.
You are my little guy but you certainly make up for it in personality. At a year you were just over 20 pounds and about 33 inches. Your cute little head is still lopsided. We will see what happens with that; that story might not yet bet written.
You FINALLY say "uh-oh" and that is it :). I do think you say, "hhhhhheeee" it really means "hi".
You love your brothers
You have 10 teeth, and two more coming.
You don't "crawl" but you do scoot on your bum with skill! You can still go wherever you want.
You went from my best eater to my worst. It all happened when you got sick. Grrr.
You are my happiest and my hardest baby.
You are a mommas boy and I love it:)
I finally quit nursing you. You LOVED nursing.
You get a lot of comments on your big, beautiful blue eyes.
You want to be held a lot, but you have to be facing outward.
You have the cutest little sense of humor.
You are transitioning to one nap.
You are just adorable and endearing and charming, and we love you with all our hearts. Life without you is unimaginable.

We love you!

Hair Cut

The only reason I grow out my hair is to chop it off in a drastic way. Well, I did it again. I donated what looked like a dead squirrel to Locks of Love. All in all, it was about 14 inches.

'Wicked' Awesome Date

 Dave and I went to Wicked in May. It was FABULOUS! We were on the third row. That was a GREAT decision. These are the only pictures we snapped of the evening.

Mothers Day Photo Shoot

Thank you, my wonderful boys for making me a mother. I am so blessed.
Now, enjoy this most awesome of photo shoots.

931 Cookies

That is how many I made for Katie and Ryan's wedding which took place April 27th. They are the cutest couple ever.
They had an open house the evening before they got married, then my mom and I threw a baby shower for my sister Jenn, then there was another open house a couple weeks after the wedding. I am happy to say, there were enough cookies for all three (big) affairs. Here is the run-down:
Cranberry Pumpkin - 99
Applesauce - 115
One of Everything - 92
Peanut Butter - 98
Chocolate Chip - 180
Peanut Butter Oatmeal Scotchies - 123
M&M - 84
Soft Ginger - 83
My favorites were the Scotches, and the M&M. Yummmmmmm!

The events started Thursday at 6:00am when we headed to Provo for the open house. We got there around 3:00 pm and the madness began. It didn't stop for a week. Dave headed back home on Saturday to do one big final push while studying for the GMAT, while I took the boys and headed up to IF with my parents where my kids and I successfully tuckered out all the Idahoans. It was great! My kind father, escorted all of us back to CO the following Thursday where I successfully managed three crazy kids on a plane all by myself. What a wonderful week it was, but it was even more wonderful to see my perfect partner.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Little "Turd"

Yesterday at church, Drake's nursery leader came to us with Drake in tow,
"He needs to be changed", he said.
"Uh. Ok", Dave replied. He was perplexed seeings as Drake is potty trained hasn't had an accident in months (or, really ever). The nursery leader walked off at which point Drake throws us head back, looks up at Dave with twitchy little grin and blurts out, "I'm POOPY!"
Dave leaned over, pulled the back of Drakes underwear out and glanced in to see the damage. Instantaneously, Drake burst out in hysterical laughter. His underwear was clear. Drake, Drake, Drake.

Friday, June 15, 2012


That is the sound I am making. I have been buried by the avalanche of life. I am trying to reach the surface where I desire to take a big gulp of air.
We have been taking pictures of the goings on, and I will get them on here soon. Crazy as it is around here; all is well. Very well. See you soon!