Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update #1...the Momma

I am committing myself right now to updating on each member of our family this week. Why not start with myself. The last couple of months have been fairly busy and here is a bulleted list detailing why, and some personal discoveries:

- I have been called as the 1st counselor in Young Womens. I work with the MiaMaids. LOVE IT
- I was released as the Primary Chorister which I also LOVED (I love the calling, not the being released part :)
- I love skinny jeans....never thought I would say that...ever
- Carson, far and away has the ability to test me more than anyone can
- I make a horrible single parent. I learned this while Dave had a week long business trip to DC
- I LOVE to sing, but don't sing as well as I would like. Dave and I sang Lead Kindly Light in church a few weeks ago. It was fun to do. I love Dave's voice
- I am perfectly okay with my body. I am actually more content with it now, after having two kids and everything than I was in high school
- I love to work in the yard. We have spent a couple of months ripping out 15 30-year-old, overgrown, hideous juniper bushes, covering 800 square feet. Raking out 25 garbage cans full of pine needles, moving even more lava rock that was a couple feet deep when all was said and done, laying sod, getting sod webworm, and spending a gazillion dollars doing it. (This was only a portion of the front yard by the way)
- We've had lots of family/visitors in town
- I think I have the perfect birthday (June 21st)
- I like junk food WAAAAAAY too much
- My knee has been a little hot and cold lately...never sure what the pain means
- Learning that Drake is extremely difficult to nurse
- Realizing Carson is one of my favorite people to hang out with. I am always so proud to drag the boys around with me. Carson is EXTREMELY well mannered most of the time. The kid is a crack up and is so loving
- Learning that I really love holding Drake. He isn't quite as heavy as Carson was and thus, I feel I can hold him all day long. Those few pounds make a HUGE difference
- I've realized how much I love Dave's laugh. Sometimes he really gets going and his laugh gets higher and higher. You can't help but laugh right along with him. If you ever want to hear it, watch Wipeout with him
- After having kids I am now a brunette and I do NOT like it. I will not get my hair done for sake of money, but someday I want to be blond again.
- I can't wait to own a king size mattress
- I love to read
- I love Dave's hugs
- I am extremely blessed

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Excerpt from my letter to my missionary brother...

...Wow, what a week, I don't even know where to about...TEETHING!!! Drake is cutting not 1,2, or 3 new molars...but 4!! Holy Moly (or should I say, Holy Molar-y) and Heaven Help Me is all I have to say. It has been the most miserable week with Drake BAR NONE!! He is in a lot of pain when he teethes. He is a little young to be getting molars which is even worse. The poor kid has been running a temperature of 103 for about a week. It finally broke yesterday. I have even had him on meds pretty much non stop. His gums are totally swollen and he is even bleeding. In fact, on Sunday at church, Drake grabbed one of Dave's finger and put it in his mouth and started chewing on it. When Dave pulled his finger out of Drake's mouth there was blood and flesh from Drake's gums on it. Two of the molars have started cutting so are partially through but the other two haven't quite yet and are miserably swollen still. When he isn't screaming which isn't often, he is whimpering and groaning. He won't eat, won't drink, and wont sleep.I was up four times with him last night. He has broken out with a rash due to the high and prolonged fever. And to top it all off, Dave is out of town and will be till Friday. SO not my idea of a good party...