Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hormones...nuff said

Back in late summer/early fall I was having thyroid issues; or so I thought. I am no doctor, but suddenly I was losing my hair again, my energy level had sunk through the floor despite the ample sleep I was getting, and I was having a hard time keeping weight on despite the exorbitant amounts I was eating. Then, as icing on the cake I had a rogue period ten days after completing a cycle. I called my doctor at that point to schedule a check-up. Per our conversation on the phone she seemed to think Thyroid issues were a definite possibility especially since they are so prevalent in my family. By the time I got to my well woman check up (6 weeks later), my symptoms shifted a bit. I was now extremely tired, nausea had hit me like a mack truck, and I had some major food and smell aversions. I had also quit losing my hair and in fact, it seemed to be growing quite well, along with my nails. Probably the biggest indicator though was the positive pregnancy test I had gotten a couple of weeks earlier. Yes, I am pregnant and we are thrilled.
We had been "trying" since mid summer and nothing was happening (another reason I was suspicious of thyroid problems since we had gotten pregnant so quickly every other time). Despite wanting another baby, I felt so calm and assured. The whole process has been peaceful. I am pretty sure that "rogue period" was a shift in my hormones and that I was indeed having issues that somehow righted them self. I do think permanent Thyroid endeavors are in my future, at least that is what genetics tell me, but for now it wasn't a big deal. I think Heavenly Father simply has a specific plan and timeline. He made that clear through a series of small miracles and "coincidences" over the past 8 months.
I am currently 15 1/2 weeks and "due" August 11th (the date isn't concrete because of the uncertainty of what my body was doing). I feel like I am showing a lot sooner than my previous pregnancies. And lastly, my goal is to put on 40 pounds or less. We shall see...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentines

I have four wonderful Valentines whom I love to spoil and love to spoil me. We had a delightful Valentines Day. To top it off my big Valentine made me a PERFECT dinner:
Expertly cooked Salmon
Spinach Salad with a lite Raspberry Vinaigrette
All accompanied by some beautiful flowers
I definitely ate myself sick and I am pretty sure I would do the exact same thing again.