Thursday, September 27, 2012

I just spent $12 on "frozen novelties" at Albertsons

Carson and Drake were jumping off the stairs right after breakfast. I won't even try to express how many times or ways I tried to get them to stop. Suffice it to say, Carson almost bit his tongue off this morning. I am not overstating this.
Drake took a chunk out of his tongue over a year ago and still has a nasty scar from it. For a tongue to scar, it has to be BAD. Carson's injury is twice or more as bad as Drakes. You can see from the bottom where his teeth almost went through. It is almost severed from the middle, clear over to one edge of his tongue.
We are currently icing (via popsicles and ice cream) to stop the bleeding and try to avoid the ER to get it cauterized.
Now our fridge is loaded full of frozen treats and I am not sure whether to laugh, cry, or be utterly frustrated.
By the way, Drake's surgery went really well. We were home by 8:30 am...and the doctor was even 20 minutes late. What a blessing!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bilateral Tympanostomy with insertion of ventilating tubes

a.k.a. Drake is getting tubes in his ears.
It seems like every time anyone in our house sneezes, Drake gets an ear infection. I don't love that we are already struggling with which antibiotic to use because he has been on THAT many for his ear infections. The ins and outs aren't important, suffice it to say, the health of his ears is sub par. My favorite part of the doctors appointment and all the testing yesterday was his answers to various questions. Each time he heard a beep he was supposed to say a specific word. The word changed with each test according to the questions they asked him.

1. "What is your favorite food?" I myself was curious to hear the answer, but once I did I almost knocked myself in the head because he DEFINITELY has a favorite and all I had to do was think about it for half a second.
"Sheeze Tortilla" (Cheese Tortilla...if you EVER ask him what he wants, this will always be his answer. This is also what he requested for his birthday dinner).

2. "Who is your favorite cartoon character?" This one piqued my interest even more than the first question. We own a television, but it is not hooked up to anything but the DVD player. Therefore, we don't watch ANY t.v.
"Popeye!" (We do own a DVD with a compilation of old cartoons.)

3. "What is your favorite animal?"
"A Zee-bwa"

Drake so good and so cute at his appointment, and very "bwave" to boot. The boy melts my heart.