Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Handsome!!

I love this man!! I usually post as many reasons that I love him as he is years old, but right now the boys won't even give me 27 seconds. Just know this man is perfect and I adore him.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I will never have a cooking blog. There. I said it. I admire my friends who do. They are always fun to read and occasionally I'll use a recipe. I would love to pretend like I have the time (or desire) to do so myself, but who am I kidding. Here; you want a recipe? I'll do my best:

Mel's Mish-Mash

Soak and cook beans according to package directions
Throw 'em in a pot with some assorted meat
Add some onion
Maybe some garlic
Definitely some pepper
Put a can of diced tomatoes in too
Look in your pantry for whatever you can find - add that

Serving size - a small army (If you have a family of 4 like me, it should feed them for about....13 days)

*Be sure to buy nose plugs if you plan on sleeping that night...

Repeat each and every week

You're so welcome. Glad you all feel like you know how to cook for your families now.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's a Boy!!!

We are having another Boy! How exciting. Below is a picture of Mel at 20 weeks.

(This is Melanie now, I had to add a few things I want to remember)
The ultrasound is worth mentioning. The tech was having a most difficult time getting the shots she needed. He was tightly curled up like a cinnamon roll clear down to his hips, at that point he was stiff as a board and his legs were straight out.
Getting good pictures of his head and brain were almost impossible. In addition to being super curled up, he was head down, and couldn't have been a centimeter lower. The poor tech kept commenting on it.
I realized through this appointment, Carson did the same thing. I had to have a second ultrasound with him because he wouldn't show us his head either.
Also, here are some pregnancy updates:
-Still pretty small, but have put on plenty of weight :(
-All 3 pregnancies have been VERY different, looks like they will never be good indicators of gender.
- Started feeling the baby regularly when I am still at 19 weeks. I still don't feel him if I am moving around much, but if I am driving in the car or laying down at night, he reminds me he is there.
-Feeling pretty well(as of about 16 weeks), but can get extremely exhausted.
- No swelling yet; hallelujah.
-Already have a name picked out, just like with the other two :).
-Very excited for yet another boy. I think next time I might actually WANT a girl. Of course I would adore another little boy if that be the case. I guess it's confession time: I have not wanted a girl yet, I am kinda afraid of them. Now that I will have 3 boys, I think I will be ready for some pink.
-VERY VERY VERY excited for this baby to arrive!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Kids Say the Darndest Things"....Totally True!

Carson has said a few things we need to record, here it goes:

1. My parents were in town recently and Carson was in the bathroom watching grandpa do his hair...

Carson: "Grandpa, your hair!"
Grandpa: "Yeah, it's messy isn't it?"
Carson: "'s....GONE!"
Grandpa: (After laughing for a while) "Well, what should I do about it?"
Carson: "You should get some"
Grandpa: "Where should I get it?"
Carson: "....from Katie!"

2. While Dave and I were at the gender ultrasound my wonderful neighbor Brooks was watching the boys. She had to come over at 6:45 am because we had to be there by 7:00. Boys weren't up yet so Brooke was left with all the usual morning tasks when they finally arose.
Later that night Dave was discussing the morning with Carson the following conversation ensued:

Daddy: "Did Brooke help you get dressed this morning"
Carson: "No, I got dressed all by myself" (I should mention, this is normal. Carson usually dressed himself)
Daddy: "Oh, good job, Carson!"
Carson: "Yeah, I did it myself" then very somberly adds, "I didn't show her my naked baby"

YES! Our modesty talks are finally sinking in. I should also probably explain "naked baby". It's what we exclaim whenever either boy is running around nude (before bath time, between diaper changes, after swimming, etc). They both think it's hilarious and love being a "!naked baby!"

3. Carson was talking to Aunt Barbie on the phone. This is a regular occurrence at our home. Carson gets a hold of our phones and dials anybody and everybody he can manage. Fortunately, Barbie is always super enthusiastic and kind about the calls. During one of the conversations, I happen to hear:

Barbie: "How are you doing Carson?"
[slight pause]
Carson: "Awful good!"

What?! Who is this kid?! One this is for sure...we really love him!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Letter to Elder Vager 1/4/11 - All our historic happenings

Hello Dearest Elder Fager,

It's amazing how much gets done with the family in town :). On the flip-side; it's amazing how much time it takes me to get everything done when they are gone. Humbug! Mom and Dad left early Saturday morning, and Katie left early Monday morning. Humbug again. It's nice having family in town. While they were here, they helped Dave and I shop for a new bed. Let me tell you about our old bed. It was a queen that Jenn got when she first moved to SanFran back in 2004. It is a cheap mattress to start with; you know the kind that doesn't even have a warranty...yeah... but after having two heavy bodies on it for a number of year it is a potential weapon of mass destruction. In addition to the regular wear and tear, somehow the thing manages to hold an electric charge and every time I make the bed, I get shocked, and not just the kind you barely notice and shrug off. It's the kind where you hear it, feel it, see it (the little zap between), and almost smell it. And, it's not just once, it's a few times or at least until it's satisfied. It also has springs protruding from the long sides and both top and bottom. These springs are eternally long, and incredibly sharp. I get annoyed just thinking about the number of gouges, scratches, and lacerations they've given us. For years, we have been cutting them off with wire cutters until yet another protrudes. When that wasn't enough, we would cut them off, and cover them with duct tape. Currently, we have to cut them off, cover the area with cardboard, and embarrassing amounts of duct tape. I think my favorite part is that the tie-dye duct tape that you sent me is even involved. To top it all off, our mattress no longer has square angles, it's looking rather trapezoidal. I showed mom the mattress when they were here just so someone could "appreciate" what we've been sleeping on for the past couple of years. The first comment out of her mouth was, "Oh, Melanie!" Followed by "Wow! I can't believe you've slept pregnant on that thing with two babies!" I felt validated in my misery :). That sealed the deal, we went mattress shopping immediately thereafter. Our new mattress should make it's appearance tomorrow and I CAN'T wait!!! It's better than Christmas! Being a big girl married to an even bigger hubby, we decided to get a.....wait for it....wait for it....KING sized mattress! We managed to take the guy down to just a bit above cost, and after getting the frame, mattress pad, and bedding, I feel a little weak in the knees. I truly feel like this is very worth it though.
Our other big news of the week is, we have a SUNBEAM! Where has time gone? I have two kids? Pregnant with my third?!?!? I walked Cute Carson (very pensive, Cute Carson) down the long hall to the primary room this past Sunday. He sat in the first chair available and was very reverent. So reverent in fact, that I thought he might cry. To my relief, he didn't. (Had he cried, I might have too). He enjoyed singing time, sharing time, and his new Sunbeam class. I was very proud of him knowing he would behave well and watching him make such a smooth transition.
Drake on the other hand is a holy terror at church. In two short months he will be in nursery. Can I get a hallelujah? I hope we can get over his "poosh" phase before then. He will come up to you, put both arms out in front of him like some Lineman, and say "poosh" as he demonstrates his defiance, or is "getting Carson back" for something, or wants a reaction (which I am working on not giving). It is so hard not to laugh, but I manage. He even muttered it earlier today when he didn't want his sippy cup anymore and threw it over the side of the high chair. He has recently started talking a lot more. When he isn't using real words, he has the cutest baby babble, which is amazingly effective. It is nice that he can communicate a little better.
Dave continues to amaze me. The man is incredible. He works hard, and is ALWAYS wonderful to me. Even if I have had a rough day and not terribly enthusiastic, he makes me fee like the worlds best wife and mother. He is, Matter of Fact, the worlds best husband and father. I am so blessed. He is settling into the bishopric nicely. Speaking of, in order to get to our 9:00 ward on time, or even a little early, like 8:45, I have to get up at 6:00 a.m. and scramble my ever growing fanny around the house, up and down, in and out, without a minute to spare. I am not complaining though, 1:00 was difficult.
I am doing well. I am 19 weeks and definitely in the "honeymoon phase" of pregnancy. The next email you get will be informing you whether you are going to be an aunt or an uncle :). I am thinking you will be 100% uncle and not 2/3rds uncle 1/3rd aunt.
I am sad we will be missing the funeral. Financially, we can't make flying happen, and driving would be crazy at the time of year. I guess the only ones that won't be there are me, Katie, and all the missionaries. I am relieved grandpa finally passed on though; I suppose some of the blessings of a long, drawn out death are: you get some good opportunities to say goodbye and prepare yourself as best you can.
I love you very much and am so proud of the work you are doing. I think it is inspiring that you are making the most you can of the few short months left. Hard work makes everyone happy. LOVE YOU!