Saturday, October 31, 2009


Please enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beautiful Babies

Drake at 5 weeks old

Drake, Carson, and Saydee
These three make up all the grandkids on my side of the family.
Handsome Carson

Take a Closer Look....

This kid totally fell asleep in the middle of his bath!
I should record that he is most content by far when he is warm. He HATES being cold more than anything else.

Drakes Blessing

Some day this won't be Carson's picture face...

The men in the circle from L to R: Blain, Kevin, Steve, Dad Crockett, Dave, Grandpa Gabrielsen (Mel's grandpa), Richard, Dad Fager
Everyone in attendance

Crockett Family

Carson and the Babies

My sister Jenn and her baby Saydee came to visit us this past weekend. Saydee was born just 9 days before Drake and is one big girl! She and Drake were very interested in each other as this picture shows...

Carson loves to "hold it". He likes to hold babies and cuddle them and coo to them. What cracks me up is it only lasts about 10 second before he declares "all done".

Carson LOVES to help with "Yawn-dree"

Those fat pictures I promised you

Here I am at 37 weeks; I had already had Carson by this point last time

This is just after checking into the hospital. I am 39 week pregnant. I am also dilated to a 4 and fairly uncomfortable, thus, the half smile.