Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We got a Video Camera!

"Like Grandpa"

My dad had polio as a child and was left with a maimed leg. Carson likes to walk "like grandpa". Often when we ask him to do it, he gets bashful. This was NOT the case tonight. He was more than willing, and we got it on camera. (The reason Drake is crying in the background is because we had BARELY put him to bed and he insists on a good fit before any kind of shut eye. It doesn't matter if we are holding, cooing, dangling him by his ankles, singing, yelling, bouncing, rocking, you get the idea...don't worry it only lasts a few minutes :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Weekend in Random Order

We ate a delicious Valentine's Dinner with these fabulous people. It was followed by a rockin' game of Guesstures...never has kamikaze been so hilarious!

Katie came to visit this weekend and we had a BLAST!
We had a very RED Valentine's day breakfast. We had cinnamon rolls with red frosting, red pancakes, red applesauce, strawberries and cool whip, and cranberry juice.

All of us at our finest.

The red cinnamon rolls I mentioned...yes, they were festive, but I prefer them in their natural color.

Katie, Carson and I majorly bundled up and went on an evening walk. this picture cracks me up because he wouldn't put down his milk and you can't see a centimeter of his face.

These are the Valentines that we made for my primary kids (I am the chorister)...we used them for a singing time activity

Dave and I went on our first date without kids since May. We had a BLAST. We dressed up all fancy and then went to Red should have seen the looks we got. I wasn't sure if I should hide, or laugh.

Another one of Carson's faces. I just love this kid.

While Katie was here we went to the park. Carson LOVED being pushed high into the sky. Drake also enjoyed a nice lolling sway.

Here is a typical lunch time for us. In the picture below, Carson is holding up his fingers. When he does this, I touch each finger and say "I love you". He will then switch the amount of fingers and we do it again and again :)

Aunt Katie is such a sport. Carson was so excited to have her "come over" that he couldn't wait for her to wake up in the morning, and had to do it himself. She got in late the night before and he was already in bed. I told him that when the sun came up the next morning, Aunt Katie would be here. When the sun came up the next day and she was still in bed he was rather perplexed.
Lastly, this is just for your viewing pleasure. He is so sweet; we love him dearly.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Boys

Drake is growing up fast. He now sits, and he eats peas and carrots. He has cut two teeth on the bottom. Drake is a lot of fun, and he loves to laugh. I love his curly ears.
Carson is a sweet brother to Drake, and Drake is enamored with Carson. They are great brothers.

Carson is getting to be quite the grown up little boy. We have "started" potty training with him, and he is starting to take to the idea, although I feel we have a long way to go. Carson is also taking a gymnastics class Saturday mornings. Ever since we started those classes he has learned how to jump off both feet and he does it everywhere he goes. He is a lot of fun.
Carson and Drake.