Saturday, July 20, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh Baby, Bring on the Baby!

I had a 34 week ultrasound which ended up being first thing in the morning on 34 w 5 d. My OB likes to be EXTRA meticulous and text book. She wanted to check:

Position: Head down, facing my left side. I am pretty sure all 4 of my boys have been in this exact position.
Placenta: Looks good, calcification is minimal/average for this point in a pregnancy.
Amniotic Fluid: 9 - what the tech said was average.
Cervix Length: 3.91 cm. Supposed to be between 3 and 5. I don't seem to efface much or dilate till d-day. My cervix is a superstar :).
Estimated Fetal Size: 6 lbs 10 oz.The margin of error is give or take a pound. I have been able to tell that this boy is big and was not surprised in the least to hear my 35 weeker would be 7 lbs. This is just like Carson and Drake. Brooks was my exception and I think is part of the reason I went so much longer with him.
Estimated Due Date: According to the ultrasound 7/31. I have had a couple of big babies and am anticipating going a bit early, but not THAT early. I am going to guess anywhere from 8/3-8/8.

Other interesting stuff: I mentioned to the tech that the 20 week ultrasound technician wouldn't say for sure the gender because "you never really know until they come out".  This tech immediately when on a genitalia search. I should mention she was having a hard time getting a good look because his bum was hiding behind my sternum (no, I can't breathe), but she promptly laughed and said, "yeah, it's a boy". I already knew that but it was nice to have someone else confirm it.
His heart rate was 132 which its been at my last 3 appointments. The other three have always hovered in the 150s. Maybe this baby will be a bit more mellow :).
He appears to have big lips or at least as far as you can tell with a fuzzy black and white picture. They really reminded me of Brooks'.

We really can't wait for him to get here. These next 4-5 weeks are going to draaaag on simply because I am so excited for this little baby. Is it August yet?!?!?