Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Handsome Boys

Even though I all three shots aren't fabulous, I love each one for different reasons. These boys are the joy and light of my life.

39 weeks 4 days

Friday, May 27, 2011


Still here. AND I have not progressed since last week (not that this surprises me... I have never gone into labor dilated past a 1.5). I am feeling quite uncomfortable. At the doctors today she said, "you're baby is so high!" as she went to measure me. I don't carry high, and I don't carry low; I carry everywhere. It is IMPOSSIBLE trying to convince people that I have a short torso, especially being a 6'0'' girl; but I do. Considering I am over 39 weeks, I still appear fairly small, but I carry all the way up and down.
"That baby is right up under your chest!" She exclaimed. Chest, I don't really notice...ribs I do.
"Yes. He is in my ribs all the time", I told her.
Then she went on to talk induction which, I am superly duperly against (JUST FOR ME. I don't think it's "wrong" and I do know it can be medically necessary).
It was a rather discouraging appointment. I didn't love hearing comments like: "yeah, you're way past where you've ever been before" (at this point, it's only two days). Or, "Oh, by 41 weeks you'll want to be induced; you'll see".
I did have my membranes stripped along with another comment, "I did the best I could considering you are still only dilated to a one".
I also get lots of "advice" on how to go into labor. Let me just say, I have never worked so hard for ten days straight...ever. I have worn myself out. This doesn't even include the miles I have been walking. I even walked 4 miles before my appointment this morning. Lets just say most of the advice doesn't even register on my work scale for the past week and a half.
I even had someone tell me today that the reason I have such a "small" belly (it sure feels big to me), was because I was so wide. Gee, thanks.
Alright. Done complaining. I did want to document my feelings on the day. I don't often struggle to keep it in check, but today I have.
On the flip side, I am super grateful Brooks is still healthy and strong. It IS easier to get done what I need to with him on the inside still.
We were also able to majorly scrub our house again today (I did it really well last week with my little sister as I said... I have been working hard), and I LOOOOOOVE me a clean house. I even asked Dave today if I was neurotic about cleaning :).
I am grateful for my strong body. The doctor mentioned again today that I have "strong anatomy" that is well fit for holding and growing children. If I ever got pregnant with multiples, I would be confident in my body's ability to carry them well. I also feel like it allows for me to get pregnant as many times as I want, and I won't be limited by what my reproductive system can handle.
I do know that when Brooks is ready, Brooks is ready. I don't want to rush that. I know that his timing will be the right timing.
I am enjoying yummy treats up until Brooks comes, then will swear off all junk/sugary food until the baby weight is g.o.n.e. and I am very excited about the cookies we will be making tonight!
Lastly, I am really grateful for the generosity and kindness I have been shown. So many wonderful friends have really helped me physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. The offers of help have been numerous and frequent. I have been truly blessed with wonderful people in my life.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thank You, Carson

Dear Carson,

Thank you for being such a good boy today. You made my heart warm and full with all of your "I Love Yous" and "You're Nice, Mommy".
Thank you for sharing with Drake. I didn't have to get after you at all for taking anything, or being unkind.
Thank you for singing all day long. Your rendition of Les Mis went "Look Down, Look Down, Done look 'em in re-eye." And my personal favorite, "Wankee Doodle". I am not going to even bother going there with that song. You will figure out the correct words on your own.
Thank you for obeying.
Thank you for drawing me beautiful pictures. You are a very good artist.
Thank you for helping me clean the entire house; you helped me for almost and hour, and sang the entire time.
Thank you for your cheerful countenance.
Thank you for always delighting and surprising me with what you know. You are sooooo stinkin' smart.
Thank you for washing the dishes and unloading the silverware. You LOVE to help in the kitchen.
Thank you for the wonderful hugs.
Thank you for refining me...although today you didn't. Thanks for that too.
I sure love you, little boy. Thank you for making me happy.



Friday, May 20, 2011

No Baby Yet

I thought I should give a quick update because after my last one, you are probably wondering. After my self prescribed bed-rest my regular contractions went away. I had a Dr. appointment today. I am at at "loose 1" and 40% effaced. This is right where I was at the same time with Drake. The doc did say that my cervix was a lot softer than last time. I guess I have a champion know; strong, tight, deep. Every girls dream...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

Dave and I signed up with Aflac July 17, 2010 as a supplemental insurance. They have a combination of policies that they call their "Maternity Plan". It no longer exists in Utah (and possibly Idaho) because so many mothers were doing it the company has lost money on it. Fortunately, that isn't the case in Colorado.
The only stipulation is that you cannot have a baby before 10 months of the effective date or you don't receive any of the benefits, you simply lose your premium money, and the show is over.
Do some quick math in your head...what is ten months from July 17th? Is it May 17th...18th...17....18?? What is considered the first of a new month??
With that in mind, guess who started having contractions yesterday? Yup, me.
After my bug on Friday, I felt alright on Saturday. Not 100%, but definitely better. Sunday rolled around and about half-way through sacrament meeting I was having the sweats and urges to vomit again. Timing could not have been worse, Dave and I were supposed to sing in a quartet with the famous Nick and Christina Bishop in five short minutes. AND it was acapella. The talk ended and I walked up to the stand; I was so focused on how I felt that I didn't get nervous singing . It was fabulous and probably the only time that will ever happen.
We finished the song and sat down; I felt alright at that point. Sunday School was blissfully uneventful and then YW rolled around.
After the opening song I started have contractions. Regular contractions. Mine start at 2 minutes apart and this time was no exception. They weren't bad enough to breathe through, but were also unmistakable.
At this point, I melted into my chair, relaxed myself as much as possible and tried to talk my body out of labor until Tuesday...Wednesday...I didn't know, but it was important to find out.
When we all got home I put myself on bed rest and called my Aflac agent to see when I could have the baby. He wasn't sure and informed me he would find out conclusively this morning and let me know.
Dave and I decided to put me on bed rest again today just to be safe. He is home taking care of one and all while I lay here bored out of my mind. He is such a wonderful husband.
I took the initiative to call Aflac HQ this morning to really figure out the plan. It turns out, the 17th is considered 10 full months. Hallelujah! I can have a baby tomorrow if that be the case. I will lay here through dinner, then resume life as normal.
I have also determined my nausea and sickness problem is most likely hormone related. I think this body of mine is simply warming up for the big event. Because of all the excitement, I have truly convinced myself that once I am off bed rest nothing will happen. You read that right...nothing will happen. I am even planning on going past my due date. If I think of it any differently I will drive myself crazy. We shall see what happens...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Well that was embarrassing

Dave has an off Friday today. I decided to do an endowment session for the last time before the baby comes. About half way through, I started to feel pretty warm and uncomfortable. This was shortly followed by nausea. I quietly started breathing deeply and slowly, in through my nose -2-3-4, out through my mouth -2-3-4.
It got progressively worse. Finally near the end, I had to literally run out (during and EXTREMELY inopportune time) to throw up. It didn't actually happen, but I have never gotten so close with no show before. I stood in the back with a barf bag the rest of the time.
Still ill, I blasted the A.C. square on my face for the drive home. Thinking I might make it, I called my mom to say "hi". After a few minutes of small talk quickly hung up with, "I need to pull over! I don't know what's going to happen in the next three minutes!"
Sure enough, there was absolutely no shoulder to pull over onto. I was on the freeway at a junction. My mouth started to sweat...I was drooling buckets into the bag I was holding up to my face with my left hand. Unfortunately, the bag was too small, and the really slick plastic. Not like airplanes where they hold form a little better.
It happened. I kept my eyes up and focused on the road, gripped the wheel with my right hand, and attempted to catch all vomit with the bag in my left. I was 99% successful....
what didn't make it in the bag landed on my clothes and stuck to my face. Gross.
I'm now lying in bed hoping to feel better...I hope this is just a 24 hour thing...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bad Weather...What a Blessing!

Today the high is 44 and it's been sleeting, snowing, raining, and hailing for quite some time. I LOVE it! I have been struggling with swelling this pregnancy (just like the end of Carson's). We hit a couple of days of 85 and our A.C. wasn't functioning. I could NOT bring my pitting edema under control. If I pushed enough on my legs I looked like a big hunk of pasty white swiss cheese.
This cold weather has helped IMMENSELY. My chilly house makes me happy :).
Now stay tuned for a full term picture. Yay for being 37 weeks!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! May 5, 2006.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Officially can't all...

Of course, Brooks is welcome to whatever he needs to make it here healthy. With that said, my lungs are no longer my own. I seriously sound like a rhinoceros.