Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mr. Cricket and the Crocketts: A Short Story By: A Cranky Pregnant Lady

It was early Sunday morning that I awoke to yet another beautiful day. Not wanting to disturb my slumbering husband, I gently slunk out of bed and our room. Once across the noise barrier of the big box fan sitting in our open bedroom doorway, I heard it…it was the sound of a hamster running in a squeaky wheel, or perhaps a malfunctioning appliance like a refrigerator or air conditioning unit that squeaks in a rhythmic manner. I approached the sound; it grew louder and louder as I drifted further from the humming box fan and closer to the source until it was unmistakable; a cricket.
Mr. Cricket was happily singing his tune of a comfortable night spent in a cozy apartment. Thinking Mr. Cricket was slightly amusing, and somewhat clever for getting into our apartment (we STILL don’t know how he got in), I decided to let him be until Dave awoke and could escort him out of our apartment. At this thought, I tried to discover just where he was so as to make the task easier when Dave awoke. To no avail did I spot the cricket, I did learn however that he was somewhere under or behind the refrigerator.
Realizing the magnitude of trying to move the fridge all by myself, I awoke Dave to come aid me in the cricket hunt. Dave pulled the unit forward a few inches and proceeded to poke and prod underneath and behind it with our fly-swatter. Mr. Cricket did not seem to like this much and hushed his chirping. Thinking the problem was solved, Dave went back to bed for a few more minutes and got ready to hop in the shower. I assumed Mr. Cricket would realize he was in foreign country and leave the way he came.
The day progressed and Dave and I were headed to church. Having a few things to take care of, Dave left a few minutes before I. Not a moment after he had walked out the door, I heard it again; this was the moment I realized Mr. Cricket was not a nice character and was mocking me from his secluded, untouchable hideout. Not only did he love his new home, but he had no plans for leaving. The only one that had seemed to earn his respect was Dave, and I was left to the incessant chirping which left me as relaxed as my first pre-natal doctors visit.
When I got back that evening, I did not hear anything. Dave wasn’t even with me; he had to stay at church and count tithing while I was left to the mercy of Mr. Cricket. Thinking I had possibly judged this character too quickly I all but forgot about him as we proceeded to have a wonderful night; that is until we went to bed…
It was late in the night when the chirping started again. Knowing Mr. Cricket was there and knowing what his taunting, teasing “call” sounded like I could NOT sleep. Even with the box fan blasting, I could hear Mr. Cricket all too well. Tonight he almost seemed bigger, stronger, and louder. I gave a silent groan and tried to sleep. Dave simply turned a deaf ear to the noise (literally), and had no problem with our guest. Between Mr. Cricket, and being pregnant, I had a terrible night. I woke the next morning looking like I had come straight from the jungle; wild, matted and ratted hair, makeup smudges from hither to yon, and a disposition to match a wet cat.
Of course, when Dave woke up that morning and swiped out silly little swatter once again under the big fridge, Mr. Cricket stopped his teasing, and remained silent until we left for school. When we got home for the day, we proceeded to look for Mr. Cricket. At that point, Dave was skilled at sliding the refrigerator in and out of its spot with ease. I guess it was good in that we got to clean out a few dust bunnies from their resting places; but alas, no cricket.
Once again Dave and I laid down to rest that night. At two thirty in the morning, my eyes flew open to the heart wrenching sound of an even louder and more diabolical Mr. Cricket. The chirping noise pounded in my ears and I knew at this point either him, or I had to go. I got out of bed and took a few swipes with the ever ready fly-swatter, but Mr. Cricket did not give me the satisfaction of any reprise. I hated him and he hated me; it was simple as that. I tried a couple of times, but he didn’t seem to care; he knew he had the upper hand. I stomped back to our bedroom where I flipped on the light-switch and irritatedly stated, “I am ready to take whatever action necessary to kill this cricket.” My wonderful husband got out of bed without one word of complaint and we headed to the kitchen.
I pulled everything off the top of and out of the fridge that would spill or break. Dave pulled it out once again, and we tipped it precariously so as to get a good view underneath. I did the holding while Dave did the searching. I leaned the fridge as far as I dare, and Dave spotted Mr. Cricket! The cricket fled to the other side of the fridge so Dave and I also raced to the other side to tip it the other way. I could hear the contents of the fridge sliding dangerously and freely back and forth as we continued this pattern. At this point, Mr. Cricket got smart and hid a little better. I set the fridge down, and Dave went to get his tools, we unscrewed the cover on the back to get a little more access and uncover a potential hiding spot. We could not find Mr. Cricket, and I was desperate at the thought of not getting sleep. We gave one last college try; I leaned the fridge just a liiiittle further and Dave looked just a tad more earnestly, and there he sat with his beady little head, and black body to match his black intentions. As Dave reached under the refrigerator, the little culprit slipped out that back. “There he goes and he is a big fella!” shouted Dave, and a chase ensued. The cricket fled for his life, but Dave was in hot pursuit, he made it as far as the pantry before he met his fateful end. In the madness of the moment, one of my flip-flops had been retrieved, and with a swing of his arm and a smacking of my shoe, I knew it was all over. Mr. Cricket lay there schmooshed and schmoosed bad. I was happy to the point of tears at what had just happened. Just to show him who was boss, we didn’t even clean up his remains that night; we just trudged back to bed and did it this morning.
I was so excited at the thought of that stupid cricket being gone, that I laid there and giggled until I was able to once again fall asleep. Never before had silence been so deafening. And never again will I look at crickets the same…

p.s. there are pictures of our 2:30 escapade that I will post later, I just didn't have time to upload them this morning. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Little FYI on Dave

I ran across this post on a few other people's blogs and liked it. It is someone elses "blog tag" they set up, and I don't mind being tagged because it gives me something to write about, but I thought this was more fun because seeing as I mostly talk about myself, this gives you a peek into Dave's life and our relationship a little more. (Don't worry; nothing is too personal :) Also, this is more like the Melanie 101 list...
Don't worry; as you come to the bottom of this post, you WILL NOT find that I have tagged you once again; this is simply for your enjoyment.

What is his name? David Alvin Crockett
How long have you been together? Since May 5, 2006 - it was a gorgeous day in every way. If I could go back to that date, I wouldn't change a thing.
How long did you date? We met 10 years ago, hung out through high school (wherein I took him to a dance... our only HS date), and started dating the September after he got off his mission. We got engaged in January and married in May. So to answer the original question; 4 months of official dating and 4 months of official engagement.
How old is he? 23 years 7 months and 21 days.
Who eats more? I don't know. I eat a bigger breakfast, Dave eats a MUCH bigger lunch, and I think I eat a bigger dinner. So my best guess would be Dave eats more.
Who said I love you first? Verbally--Dave. Nonverbally--Me. I will explain this.... Growing up, my family had a little thing where three hand squeezes meant I love you. While Dave and I were dating, and when I knew I loved him, I would simply give his hand three quick squeezes; I knew exactly what I was doing/saying, but Dave hadn't the foggiest :) I simply waited until he was ready to say those oh so important words, then reciprocated.
Who is taller? We are both enormous, but Dave takes the cake at 6'3''.
Who sings better? Dave would say I do, but I say Dave does! Dave has a deep, rich, resonate voice that I love. Dave can also hear parts... this is the one talent I plan on asking for when I die. He sings beautifully, has tremendous pitch, and hears parts.... so it's final....Dave sings better!
Who is smarter? I am better at science, he is better at math. Dave has a lot of common sense, but I read people better. hmmmmm
Whose temper is worse? Mine. I think I want to change this question though; Dave has a more even temprament (sp?), but neither one of us really has a temper.
Who does the laundry? Mostly me, but Dave helps a lot!!
Who does the dishes? When I was first pregnant; Dave did it all. During the summer its about even, and during the school year I wash every last item.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I don't know because if you stand at the head of the bed, I sleep on the right, but if you stand at the foot of the bed, Dave does.
Who pays the bills? It's about equal. But if you ask who does a lot of the finances; DAVE through and through.
Who mows the lawn? Wymount! When we have a lawn my guess is it will be Dave although I LOVE to mow the lawn.
Who cooks dinner? I do. Dave can make some great "mission quickies", but I would say I cook 98% of the time.
Who drives when you are together? I drive him to school everyday and then head into work, but other than that Dave does all the driving.
Who is more stubborn? Unfortunately I am.
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? ME!! This is simply because I am always the one that is wrong :) Dave is quick to remedy anything he things he might have done though. But I am serious about me being the one that makes the most mistakes.
Whose parents do you see the most? Probaby mine simply because they come down to Utah more.
Who kissed who first? Dave kissed me first; I was bound to let him take everything at his own pace...
Who asked who out? I aksed Dave to that dance in high school, but when we started dating post mission, he asked me out. I did however give him a HUGE open door to do so. It went something like this... me: "So how do you like being in school?" dave: "it's great" me: "so have you discovered the fun things to do in Provo yet?" dave: "not really" me: "well, one place you will have to check out is smart cookie! (this was followed by an explanation of the business). dave: "sounds yummy" after a few moment of other small talk, he then proceeded to see if I wanted to go to Smart Cookie with him later that week ;)
Who proposed? Dave (I only know of one situation where it was the other way around). Dave asked me to marry him after taking me on our first date all over again... smart cookie and a walk. He did it at the park we liked to go to, except in January we were being sprinkled with a light drift of snow... it was SO ROMANTIC!!
Who is more sensitive? I am more emotional for sure, but I would say Dave is as "sensitive" as I am.
Who has more friends? Dave; he has a real knack with people. I admire/envy his ability to make friends.
Who has more siblings? Dave. He is the youngest of 7.
Who wears the pants in the family? Well, I don't know anything except at this point I think I prefer wearing skirts!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Saturday Projects

Summer Saturdays were when Dave and I used to be able to play. Since school has started, this is going to and has already changed. This past Saturday we woke up a little early and went and played some volleyball with some friends and my sister Katie. When that was over Dave went to an intramural football practice and Katie and I headed to Home Depot. Katie's apartment at school was in dire need of some shelves. We had gone to Wal-Mart the previous week to find something suitable; but to no avail. This is when we decided to take this task on ourselves. At home depot we found:

A 8" x 8' board (which the Home Depot guy was more than willing to cut in half for Katie...)
for $2.75 ish
A few screws - $2.00
Sandpaper - $2.00 ish
A sponge brush - $0.59
L frames to hang the shelves - $2.50 ish
Stain - $5.75 ish
So $17.15 later, we had all the makings for shelves. We went to my apartment to spend the day. When Dave came home, it became very clear to me that both he and my sister had PLENTY of homework to do so I was left to cook, clean, and do laundry.... woo hoo.
This was when I decided to take this "shelf project" on with vigor!

I started sanding...

...and sanding....
....AND sanding. I was focused (as noted by my protruding tongue). The tongue thing is a trait that I got from my dad. When either of us is working on something, or focused in any way, our tongues poke through our lips and start to kind of pulse up and down in a rhythmic manner.

When all the sanding was said and done, I proceede to stain the shelves. I was a little worried about doing this just because pregnancy + chemicals = no good. But I figured I was alright to do this outside. I think the actual staining was my favorite step in the process.

Here are the shelves drying.

When the shelves had dried, Dave was a great sport and hung the shelves in Katie's apartment. He was so cute (I mean tough, and manly, and skilled) with his level, and tools.

Here is the final product
So now that the shelves are done, I don't really know what to do this upcoming Saturday. I didn't realize how worthwhile and fulfilling making shelves would be. I love to read, but can only read for so long when it is a beautiful day outside. I love to sew, but don't have a sewing machine, and I don't mind cleaning, but I don't really think of cleaning as a "project". So if any of you have any suggestion on fun/cheap projects I can fill my Saturdays with, I would love to hear them.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Preggy Pics

I hadn't heard the term "Preggy" until just recently. I have heard lots of variations of pregnant and prego, but never preggy. My brother in law Jeff (you have to watch this video! the move they show in slow motion has never been performed by any other gymnast. He created it!! The release move is called "The Crockett" and is incredibly difficult. I hope to see it in the olympics some day!) came up with it and I thought it was funny, so I thought I should use it again. The following pictures are in Chronological Order.

Two and a half months pregnant in this picture... and feeling icky. Look at my flat tummy... As I look at this picture it makes me realize I have grown.

These next few pictures crack me up. Believe it or not, I am in this big bundle somewhere. This is how I spent a few mornings when Dave was getting ready for work. I felt so yucky....

Look at my hands poking out of the blankets... its proof that I really was in there somewhere.

I also had to leave an air-hole to breathe out of.

I didn't know he had taken those pictures until quite a bit after the fact; that is probably why they make me laugh. Thanks honey!

Here you have it now... I am wearing the same shirt and skirt as last pictures. I took these pictures last night. Five and a half months on the nose!!!

This little bump didn't really appear until about three days ago. I have been so tiny the whole way through!

I know this won't mean anything to anyone but my immediately family, but MOM, take a look at my hand... it's startling how much it looks like yours! I always wanted to have hands like yours....

Friday, September 7, 2007

Tagged Again!

So, I have been blog tagged again, but this one is a little different so hopefully I don't tell you the same things that I told you in the last one. And just for the record, I like being thought of, I don't mind being blog tagged one bit!

5 things I was doing 10 years ago......

1) playing punching bag to the love of my life :) (I know I have mentioned this before, but I love that Dave and I met playing dodgeball)
2) trying to perfect the art of make-up wearing- us girls were allowed to start wearing make-up when we were 13. I think I am further from perfecting that art now than I was then.
3) preparing to get my braces off after almost three years!!
4) learning to play volleyball, and realizing I was pretty good at it. I was the only 13 year old on a 16 year old club team.
5) waiting for others to GROW! I was my full grown 6 foot self at 13...

5 things on my to do list today......

1) straigten up my apartment
2) make some cookies (we will see about this one...)
3) take some pregnancy pictures and put them on a new blog (this is my biggest goal for the day)
4) update the ward directory
5) Learn the Farnsworths some there Bocce Ball (this is a shout out for MidCityGal)

5 songs I know the lyrics to.....

Before I even start this one, I have to tell you that I am REALLY bad at stuff like this. I think I know EVERY word to EVERY primary song, but other than that, I only know the chorus to a few songs. So, I am going to try really hard to do this one.

1) ALL of the Les Miserables music
2) ANY song in Beauty and the Beast and all the words for that matter. My now 18 year old brother would watch this movie and ONLY this movie time and time and time again when he was little. I didn't even WATCH it that much, but believe you me, I STILL know every word 15 years later.
3) This is sad, but that TubThumper Song, or whatever the name of it is (the one that goes, "I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down" a million times over) Sad, I know!
4) Barbie Girl by Aqua - another stellar one
5) Come What May from Moulin Rouge - this is my FAVORITE on my list. My husband and I sang it at our rehearsal dinner before we got married.

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire.....

1) Take a trip to Australia
2) SAVE IT and INVEST WISELY! Okay, okay, fun things....
3) Go to the best renowned orthopedic knee specialist and have the best possible surgery with the latest and greatest techniques.
4) Buy all brand new things for baby Carson (including a car to fit our growing family a little better)
5) Give it to my parents

5 things I'll never wear again......

1) Leggings with a short shirt (good one Jenn)
2) Nylons if I can help it (I don't mind knee highs, or even thigh highs - which on me are knee highs anyway.)
3) Anything even CLOSE to the glasses I wore through grade school.
4) Big thick bangs - the kind that start half way back your head
5) Fingernail polish (although I do love it on my toes)
6) Braces
7) A corsette
8) Big Bows
9) My volleyball and basketball uniforms - sad
10) High Tops
oh just 5 things... whoops!

5 favorite toys.......

1) My handsome husband
2) My cell phone
3) The baby stuff I just got
4) Kitchen utensils
5) My volleyball

5 lucky people who get to do this next...... ( If you want)

1) Joanna
2) Ambo
3) Melarie
4) MidCityGal
5) NATE & JULIE!!!