Friday, March 29, 2013

Ultrasound Details

Let me just start off by saying I thought it was a boy all along :). Dave wanted a girl and so did Carson. I think the general consensus was in favor of a girl, but I was entirely indifferent and everyone else was just vocalizing because I made them. We are all beyond excited to be adding another little man into the family.
This little baby will be named for the Crockett side of the family. Bowen is grandma Crockett's maiden name, and Quincy is the Quinten and Nancy combine (Dave's parents).
Baby boy is measuring about 1 pound and 8 days ahead. Carson and Drake were both 12-14 days ahead, and Brooks was always precisely on. I expect this boy will come a few days early, but after having three kids, all I know is that I don't know anything :).
He did not want to be disturbed during his nap time and wasn't cooperative for the ultrasound. He laid his little head on the placenta the whole time, it took an extra half an hour just to get a shot of his nose and lips. I had to lay on my side and do a little jig to get him to move just enough. While lounging on the placenta, he kept his arms up around his face, occasionally blocking it from view, and kept his legs crossed the entire time. He was boy enough we were able to tell for certain it was a boy, but that doesn't mean that poor little scrotum wasn't getting squished. "I never say what gender for certain because there is no guarantee and you never reeeally know until the baby comes out," said the tech. To which I responded, "I have seen enough of those (I think you know what I am talking about), to know what that is. That is a boy and you don't even have to tell me. I will take the blame if it's not." But really, I am 1000% sure.
His heart rate was 124 which is the slowest any of my babies have ever measured. Really, this boy was mellow during the ultrasound.
My amniotic fluid was 14 (it is supposed to be between 5 and 20).
Bowen stuck his tongue out at Carson during the ultrasound. It was pretty cute.
And lastly, the tech gave me one of my most favorite back handed compliments ever. She was having a hard time getting a shot of the abdomen to get it measured well. "If you had a little more fat on your stomach this would be a lot easier! Your stomach is tiny and you are too skinny!" She was a tiny little Asian woman with a cute little accent. I was sure to inform her my tummy would stay tiny the whole time but that my thighs and rump are more than willing to make up the difference.
It was a fun experience and always makes it a bit more real for me to see that little baby in there. I'll keep praying that this baby is healthy. I don't want any scares like I had with Brooks!


Adam and Julie H. said...

Congrats! Boys are so much fun!

Russell and Jillian said...

Woohoo! Just know that there's a family out there with all girls and they're just hoping there's all boy families to even them out :)