Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Update on the preschool "issue"

So I talked with the teacher the next preschool day to see where we stood in the whole ordeal. Basically, Carson gets off the hook because he is in preschool. If he were in Elementary school, the record would follow him through.
I haven't been sure how to handle the whole thing with him, but I have talked to him a couple of times in very mild ways, all the time trying to assure him that some people just get scared easy so we have to be really careful what we do or say (even if its not wrong) so it doesn't frighten them. After the second time (these talks are literally 30 seconds long) he said, "I know mom", in such a way, that I knew he really truly got it. And that he didn't want to talk about it again. I just want to hug the awesome little guy.
To make sure he internalized it, we had him teach the FHE lesson to Drake this last week about how we should or shouldn't act in public. Some of the issues we've had that we made sure were addressed were:
Commenting on someones looks
Commenting on they way someone talks
Staring at people
Pretending to shoot people between the aisles at the store
Words we probably shouldn't say in public (shoot, kill, stab, etc.)
Helping someone in need
I am sure you get the idea. He did great and hopefully Drake understood some of it too. He opens his mouth a little too readily sometimes. Then we followed all up with a really yummy treat so we could always remember to be "sweet" :).
I have such good little boys.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

good work! you are great parents!

Adam and Julie H. said...

Oh my Gosh! I just read what had happened. I would be furious too. I think you did a great job in explaining it to Carson. I will have to remember that, I might have just said some people are nuts, but that would not have been the best way to teach my son. ;)Carter starts preschool this fall. I might have to prepare him for the 'crazies' who have nothing better to do then get so easily offended and pick on the little guys. Seriously! Pick on someone your own size. Sorry I don't mean to get you going again on how mad you felt. I think you did the right thing and Carson will probably remember the right thing to do in the future because of your example.